The Roman Republic, after being established in 509 BCE, experience three centuries of relative prosperity. During this period Rome's territories and wealth expanded greatly. It was towards the end of the second century BCE when things started to get a little topsy-turvy.

It was arguably the rise of the Grachhi' brothers which was the beginning of the end for the Roman Republic. They planted the seeds of anxiety in the capital which would eventually lead to the demise of the Roman Republic. Not to mention half a century of civil war between some of Rome's most powerful and famous military generals: *cough* Octavian (Augustus) Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Pompey the Great, Sula, Gaius Marius *cough*, to name a few...

The Roman Republic, came to an end after Octavian defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in 33 BCE. Following this conflict, the Roman Senate granted Octavian significant power as well as the title of Augustus. While the newly titled Augustus was very careful not to declare himself a monarch that is essentially what he was.

The Roman Republic fell in 27 BCE.

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