Book 1: The Careful Housekeeper


Fine Spiced Wine

The composition of this excellent spiced wine is as follows.

  1. Into a copper bowl put six sextarii i of honey and two sextarii of wine
  2. Heat on a slow fire, constantly stirring the mixture with a whip.
  3. At the boiling point add a dash of cold wine, retire from stove and skim.
  4. Repeat this twice or three times.
  5. Let it rest till the next day, and skim again.
  6. Then add four ounces of crushed pepper i , three scruples of mastich, a drachm each of nard or laurel leaves and saffron, five drachms of roasted date stones crushed and previously soaked in wine to soften them.
  7. When this is properly done add eighteen sextarii of light wine.
  8. To clarify it perfectly, add crushed charcoal i twice or as often as necessary which will draw the residue together and carefully strain or filter through the charcoal.

Honey Refresher for Travelers

The wayfarer's honey refresher (so called because it gives endurance and strength to pedestrians) with which travelers are refreshed by the wayside is made in this manner:

  1. Flavor honey with ground pepper and skim.
  2. In the moment of serving put honey in a cup, as much as is desired to obtain the right degree of sweetness.
  3. Mix with spiced wine not more than a needed quantity.
  4. Add some wine to the spiced honey to facilitate its flow and the mixing.

Roman Vermouth

Roman vermouth or Absinth is made thus: according to the recipe of Camerinum i : you need wormwood from Santo i or as a substitute, wormwood from the Pontus i , cleaned and crushed, one Theban ounce i of it, scruples of mastich, three each of nard leaves, costmary and saffron and eighteen quarts of any kind of mild wine. Filter cold. Charcoal is not required because of the bitterness.

Rose Wine

Make rose wine in this manner:

  1. Rose petals, the lower white part removed, sewed into a linen bag and immersed in wine for seven days.
  2. Thereupon add a sack of new petals which allow to draw for another seven days.
  3. Again remove the old petals and replace them by fresh ones for another week.
  4. Then strain the wine through the colander.
  5. Before serving, add honey sweetening to taste.
  6. Take care that only the best petals free from dew be used for soaking.

Violet Wine

In a similar way as above like the rose wine violet wine is made of fresh violets, and tempered with honey, as directed.

Rose Wine without Roses

Rose wine without roses is made in this fashion: a palm leaf basket full of fresh citrus leaves is immersed in the vat of new wine before fermentation has set in. After forty days retire the leaves, and, as occasion arises, sweeten the wine with honey, and pass it up for rose wine.

Liburnian Oil

In order to make an oil similar to the Liburnian oil proceed as follows:

  1. In Spanish oil put the following mixture of elecampane, Cyprian rush and green laurel leaves that are not too old, all of it crushed and macerated and reduced to a fine powder.
  2. Sift this in and add finely ground salt and stir industriously for three days or more.
  3. Then allow to settle. Everybody will take this for Liburnian oil.

To Clarify Muddy Wine

  1. Put bean meal and the whites of three eggs in a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix thoroughly with a whip and add to the wine, stirring for a long time.
  3. The next day the wine will be clear.
  4. Ashes of vines have the same effect.

To Improve a Broth

If broth has contracted a bad odor, place a vessel upside down and fumigate it with laurel and cypress and before ventilating it, pour the broth in this vessel. If this does not help matters and if the taste is too pronounced, add honey and fresh spikenard to it; that will improve it. Also new must should be likewise effective.

To Keep Meats Fresh without Salt for any Length of Time

Cover fresh meat with honey, suspend it in a vessel. Use as needed; in winter it will keep but in summer it will last only a few days. Cooked meat may be treated likewise.

To Keep Cooked Sides of Pork or Beef or Tenderloins

Place them in a pickle of mustard, vinegar, salt and honey, covering meat entirely. And when ready to use you'll be surprised.

To Make Salt Meat Sweet

You can make salt meats sweet by first boiling them in milk and then finishing them in water.

To Keep Fried Fish

Immediately after they are fried pour hot vinegar over them.

To Keep Oysters

Fumigate a vinegar barrel with pitch, wash it out with vinegar and stack the oysters in it.

Making a Little Laser Go a Long Way

Put the laser in a spacious glass vessel; immerse about 20 pine kernels (pignolia nuts). If you need laser flavor, take some nuts, crush them; they will impart to your dish an admirable flavor. Replace the used nuts with a like number of fresh ones.

To Make Honey Cakes Last

To make honey cakes that will keep take what the Greeks call yeast and mix it with the flour and the honey at the time when making the cooky dough.

Spoiled Honey Made Good

How bad honey may be turned into a saleable article is to mix one part of the spoiled honey with two parts of good honey.

To Test Spoiled Honey

Immerse elecampane in honey and light it; if good, it will burn brightly.

To Keep Grapes

Take perfect grapes from the vines, place them in a vessel and pour rain water over them that has been boiled down one third of its volume. The vessel must be pitched and sealed with plaster, and must be kept in a cool place to which the sun has no access. Treated in this manner, the grapes will be fresh whenever you need them. You can also serve this water as honey mead to the sick.

Also, if you cover the grapes with barley bran you will find them sound and uninjured.

To Keep Pomegranates

Steep them into hot sea water, take them out immediately and hang them up. They will keep.

To Keep Quinces

Pick out perfect quinces with stems i and leaves. Place them in a vessel, pour over honey and defrutum i and you'll preserve them for a long time i .

To Preserve Fresh Figs, Apples, Plums, Pears and Cherries

Select them all very carefully with the stem on and place them in honey so they do not touch each other.

To Keep Citron

Place them in a glass vessel i which is sealed with plaster and suspended.

To Keep Mulberries

Mulberries, in order to keep them, must be laid in their own juice mixed with new wine boiled down to one half in a glass vessel and must be watched all the time so that they do not spoil.

To Keep Pot Herbs

Place selected pot herbs, not too mature, in a pitched vessel.

To Preserve Sorel or Sour Dock

Trim and clean the vegetable. Place them together; sprinkle myrtle berries between, cover with honey and vinegar.

Another way: Prepare mustard honey and vinegar also salt and cover them with the same.

To Keep Truffles

The truffles, which must not be touched by water, are placed alternately in dry sawdust; seal the vessel with plaster and deposit it in a cool place.

To Keep Hard-skinned Peaches

Select the best and put them in brine. The next day remove them and rinsing them carefully set them in place in a vessel, sprinkle with salt and satury and immerse in vinegar.

Salts for many ills

These spiced salts are used against indigestion, to move the bowels, against all illness, against pestilence as well as for the prevention of colds. They are very gentle indeed and more healthy than you would expect. Make them in this manner:

1 lb. of common salt ground, 2 lbs. of ammoniac salt, ground 3 ounces white pepper, 2 ounces ginger, 1 ounce of Aminean bryony, 1 of thyme seed and 1 of celery seed. If you don't want to use celery seed take instead 3 ounces of parsley seed 3 ounces of origany, 1 ounce of saffron rocket, 3 ounces of black pepper, 1½ ounces rocket seed, 2 ounces of marjoram Cretan hyssop, 2 ounces of nard leaves, 2 ounces of parsley seed and 2 ounces of anise seed.

To Keep Green Olives

To keep olives, fresh from the tree, in a manner enabling you to make oil from them any time you desire just place them in brine. Having been kept thus for some time the olives may be used as if they had just come off the tree fresh if you desire to make green oil of them.

Laser Flavor

Laser is prepared in this manner: laser (which is also called laserpitium by the Romans, while the Greeks call it silphion) from Cyrene i or from Parthia is dissolved in lukewarm moderately acid broth; or pepper, parsley, dry mint, laser root, honey, vinegar and broth are ground, compounded and dissolved together.

Another Laser

Another laser flavor which takes pepper, caraway, anise, parsley, dry mint, the leaves of silphium, malobathrum i , Indian spikenard, a little costmary, honey, vinegar and broth.

Wine Sauce for Truffles

Pepper, lovage, coriander, rue, broth, honey, a little oil.

Another way: thyme, satury, pepper, lovage, honey, broth and oil.


Oxyporum (which signifies "early passage" so named because of its effect, takes 2 ounces of cumin, 1 ounce of ginger 1 ounce of green rue, 6 scruples of saltpeter, a dozen scruples of plump dates, 1 ounce of pepper and 11 ounces of honey. The cumin may be either Aethiopian, Syrian or Libyan, must be first soaked in vinegar, boiled down dry and pounded. Afterwards add your honey. This compound, as needed, is used as oxyporum.


Hypotrima, meaning in Latin a perfect mess of potage, requires this: Pepper, lovage, dry mint, pignolia nuts, raisins, date wine, sweet cheese, honey, vinegar, broth, wine, oil, must or reduced must.

Oxygarum, an aid to digestion

Oxygarum (which is similar to garum or rather an acid sauce) is digestible and is composed of: ½ ounce of pepper, 3 scruples of Gallic silphium, 6 scruples of cardamom, 6 of cumin, 1 scruple of leaves, 6 scruples of dry mint. These ingredients are broken singly and crushed and made into a paste bound by honey. When this work is done or whenever you desire add broth and vinegar to taste.

Another Oxygarum

One ounce each of pepper, parsley, caraway, lovage, mix with honey. When done add broth and vinegar.


Mortaria are preparations made in the mortar. Place in the mortar mint, rue, coriander and fennel, all fresh and green and crush them fine. Lovage, pepper, honey and broth and vinegar to be added when the work is done.

Cumin Sauce for Shellfish

Cumin sauce (so called because cumin is its chief ingredient) for oysters and clams is made of pepper, lovage, parsley, dry mint, malabar leaves, quite some cumin, honey, vinegar, and broth.

Another Cumin Sauce

Pepper, lovage, parsley, dry mint, plenty of cumin, honey, vinegar and broth.

Book 2: The Meat Mincer


Minced Dishes

There are many kinds of minced dishes. Seafood minces are made of sea-onion, or sea crab-fish, lobster, cuttle-fish, ink fish, spiny lobster, scallops and oysters. The forcemeat is seasoned with lovage, pepper, cumin and laser root.

Cuttle-fish Croquettes

The meat is separated from bones, skin and refuse, chopped fine and pounded in the mortar. Shape the forcemeat into neat croquettes and cook them in liquamen.

They are displayed nicely on a large dish.

Lobster or Crabmeat Croquettes

The shells of the lobsters or crabs which are cooked are broken, the meat extracted from the head and pounded in the mortar with pepper and the best kind of broth. This pulp is shaped into neat little cakes which are fried and served up nicely. i

Liver Kromeskis

Omentata are made in this manner: lightly fry pork liver, remove skin and sinews first. Crush pepper and rue in a mortar with a little both, then add the liver, pound and mix. This pulp shape into small sausage, wrap each in caul and laurel leaves and hang them up to be smoked. Whenever you want and when ready to enjoy them take them out of the smoke, fry them again, and add gravy.

Brain Sausage

Put in the mortar pepper, lovage and origany, moisten with broth and rub; add cooked brains and mix diligently so that there be no lumps. Incorporate five eggs and continue mixing well to have a good forcemeat which you may thin with broth. Spread this out in a metal pan, cook, and when cooked cold unmould it onto a clean table. Cut into handy size. Now prepare a sauce. Put in the mortar pepper, lovage and origany, crush, mix with broth. Put into a sauce pan, boil, thicken and strain. Heat the pieces of brain pudding in this sauce thoroughly, dish them up, sprinkled with pepper, in a mushroom dish.

A Dish of Scallops

Lightly cook scallops or the firm part of oysters. Remove the hard and objectionable parts, mince the meat very fine, mix this with cooked spelt and eggs, season with pepper, shape into croquettes and wrap in caul, fry, underlay a rich fish sauce and serve as a delicious entree.

Another kind of Kromeskis

Finely cut pulp of pork is ground with the hearts i of winter wheat and diluted with wine. Flavor lightly with pepper and broth and if you like add a moderate quantity of myrtle berries also crushed, and after you have added crushed nuts and pepper i shape the forcemeat into small rolls, wrap these in caul, fry, and serve with wine gravy.

Dumplings of Pheasant

Lightly roast choice fresh pheasants. Cut them into dice and mix these with a stiff forcemeat made of the fat and the trimmings of the pheasant, season with pepper, broth and reduced wine, shape into croquettes or spoon dumplings, and poach in hydrogarum [water seasoned with garum, or even plain salt water].

Dumplings and Hydrogarum

Crush pepper, lovage and just a suspicion of pellitory, moisten with stock and well water, allow it to draw, place it in a sauce pan, boil it down, and strain. Poach your little dumplings of forcemeat in this liquor and when they are done serve in a dish for isicia, to be sipped at the table.

Chicken Forcemeat

Raw chicken meat, 1 lb. of darnel meal, one quarter pint of stock and one half ounce of pepper.

Chicken Broth Another Style

Chicken meat, peppercorns crushed, one choenix full of the very best stock, a like amount of boiled must and eleven measures of water. Put this in a sauce pan. Place it upon the fire to seethe and evaporate slowly.

Plain Dumpling with Broth

To one acetabulum of stock add seven of water, a little green celery, a little spoonful of ground pepper, and boil this with the sausage meat or dumplings. If you intend taking this to move the bowels the sediment salts of hydrogarum have to be added.

Rank of Dishes

Entrees of peacock occupy the first rank, provided they be dressed in such a manner that the hard and tough parts be tender. The second place in the estimation of the Gourmets have dished made of rabbit. Third spiny lobster. Fourth comes chicken and fifth young pig.

Potted Entrees

Ground pepper, lovage, origany, very little silphium, a pinch of ginger and a trifle of honey and a little stock. Put on the fire, and when boiling add the isicia [sausage, meat balls and so forth] to this broth and cook thoroughly. Finally thicken the gravy with roux i by sowing it in slowly and stirring from the bottom up.

Another Thick Entree Gravy

Grind pepper which has been soaked overnight, add some more stock and work it into a smooth paste; thereupon add quince-apple cider, boiled down one half, that is which has evaporated in the heat of the sun to the consistency of honey. If this is not at hand, add fig wine concentrate which the Romans call "color". Now thicken the gravy with roux or with soaked rice flour and finish it on a gentle fire.

Another Amulatum

Disjoint a chicken and bone it. Place the pieces in a stew pan with leeks, dill and salt water or stock. When well done add pepper and celery seed, thicken with rice, add stock, a dash of raisin wine or must, stir well, serve with the entrees.

Spelt or Farina Pudding

Boil spelt with pignolia nuts and peeled almonds immersed in boiling water and washed with white clay so that they appear perfectly white, add raisins, flavor with condensed wine or raisin wine and serve it in a round dish with crushed nuts, fruit, bread or cake crumbs sprinkled over it.

A Dish of Sow's Matrix

Entrees of sow's matrix are made thus: crush pepper and cumin with two small heads of leek, peeled, add to this pulp rue, broth and the sow's matrix or fresh pork, chop, or crush in mortar very fine then add to this forcemeat incorporating well pepper grains and pine nuts. Fill the casing and boil in water with oil and broth for seasoning and a bunch of leeks and dill.

Little Sausage

Botellum is made of hard boiled yolks of egg chopped pignolia nuts, onion and leeks, raw ground pine, fine pepper, stuff in casings and cook in broth and wine.

Lucanian Sausage

Lucanian sausage or meat pudding are made similar to the above: crush pepper, cumin, savory, rue, parsley, condiment, laurel berries and broth; mix with finely chopped fresh Pork and pound well with broth. To this mixture, being rich, add whole pepper and nuts. When filling casings carefully push the meat through. Hang sausage up to smoke.


Pound eggs and brains [eggs raw, brains cooked] pine nuts chopped fine, pepper whole, broth and a little laser with which fill the casings. First parboil the sausage then fry them and serve.

Another Sausage

Work cooked spelt and finely chopped fresh pork together, pound it with pepper, broth and pignolia nuts. Fill the casings, parboil and fry with salt, serve with mustard, or you may cut the sausage in slices and serve on a round dish.

Another Sausage

Wash spelt and cook it with stock. Cut the fat of the intestines or belly very fine with leeks. Mix this with chopped bacon and finely chopped fresh pork. Crush pepper, lovage and three eggs and mix all in the mortar with pignolia nuts and whole pepper, add broth, fill casings. Parboil sausage, fry lightly, or serve them boiled.

Round Sausage

Fill the casings with the best material [forcemeat]. Shape the sausage into small circles, smoke. When they have taken on (vermillion) color fry them lightly. Dress nicely garnished on a pheasant wine gravy, flavored, however, with cumin.

Book 3: The Gardener


Vegetables, Pot Herbs

To keep all vegetables green; all vegetables will remain green if boiled with cooking soda.

Vegetable Dinner, Easily Digested

All green vegetables are suited for this purpose. Very young beets and well matured leeks are parboiled; arrange them in a baking dish, grind pepper and cumin, add broth and condensed must, or anything else to sweeten them a little, heat and finish them on a slow fire, and serve.

A Similar Dish

Parboil polypody root so as to soften them, cut them into small pieces, season with ground pepper and cumin, arrange in a baking dish, finish on the fire and serve.

Another Laxative

Scrub and wash bundles of beets by rubbing them with a little soda. Tie them in individual bundles, put into water to be cooked, when done season with reduced must or raisin wine and cumin, sprinkle with pepper, add a little oil, and when hot, crush polypody and nuts with broth, add this to the red-hot pan, incorporating it with the beets, take off the fire quickly and serve.

Another Laxative

Varro beets, that is, black ones of which the roots must be cleaned well, cook them with mead and a little salt and oil; boil them down in this liquor so that the roots are saturated thereby; the liquid itself is good drinking. It is also nice to cook a chicken in with them.

Beets a la Varro

Another vegetable dish, promoting good health; wash celery, greens and roots, and dry it in the sun: then also cook the tender part and head of leeks in a new pot, allowing the water to boil down one third of its volume. Thereupon grind pepper with broth and honey in equal amounts properly measured, mix it in the mortar with the water of the cooked celery, strain, boil again and use it to mask the cooked celery with. If desired, add the sliced root of the celery to it.


Asparagus [Tor. in order to have it most agreeable to the palate] must be peeled, washed and dried and immersed in boiling water backwards.

Pumpkin / Squash

To have the harder ones palatable, do this: Cut the fruit into pieces, boil and squeeze the water out of the boiled fruit and arrange the pieces in a baking dish. Put in the mortar pepper, cumin and silphium, that is, a very little of the laser root and a little rue, season this with stock, measure a little vinegar and mix in a little condensed wine, so that it can be strained and pour this liquid over the fruit in the baking dish; let it boil three times, retire from the fire and sprinkle with very little ground pepper.

Pumpkin like Dasheens

Boil the pumpkin in water like colocasia; grind pepper, cumin and rue, add vinegar and measure out the broth in a saucepan. The pumpkin pieces nicely cut water pressed out are arranged in a saucepan with the broth and are finished on the fire while the juice is being tied with a little roux. Before serving sprinkle with pepper.

Pumpkin, Alexandrine Style

Press the water out of the boiled pumpkin, place in a baking dish, sprinkle with salt, ground pepper, cumin, coriander seed, green mint and a little laser root; season with vinegar. Now add date wine and pignolia nuts ground with honey, vinegar and broth, measure out condensed wine and oil, pour this over the pumpkin and finish in this liquor and serve, sprinkle with pepper before serving.

Boiled Pumpkin

Boiled Pumpkin stewed in broth with pure oil.

Fried Pumpkin

Fried pumpkin served with simple wine sauce and pepper.

Another Way, Boiled and Fried

Boiled pumpkin fried is placed in a baking pan. Season with cumin wine, add a little oil; finish on the fire and serve.

Another Way, Mashed

Fried pumpkin, seasoned with pepper, lovage, cumin, origany, onion, wine broth and oil: stew the pumpkin in this in a baking dish, tie the liquid with roux mash and serve in the dish.

Pumpkin and Chicken

Stew the pumpkin with a hen, garnish with hard-skinned peaches, truffles; pepper, caraway, and cumin, silphium and green herbs, such as mint, celery, coriander, pennyroyal, cress, wine oil and vinegar.


For the preparation of citron fruit we take siler from the mountains, silphium, dry mint, vinegar and broth.


Stew the peeled cucumbers either in broth or in a wine sauce; and you will find them to be tender and not causing indigestion.

Cucumbers Another Way

Peeled cucumbers are stewed with boiled brains, cumin and a little honey. Add some celery seed, stock and oil, bind the gravy with eggs sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Cucumber Recipe

Cucumbers, pepper, pennyroyal, honey or condensed must, broth and vinegar; once in a while one adds silphium.

Melon Gourdand Melons

Pepper, pennyroyal, honey or condensed must, broth and vinegar; once in a while one adds silphium.


The smaller mallows are prepared with garum, stock, oil and vinegar; the larger mallows prepare with a wine sauce, pepper and stock, adding condensed wine or raisin wine.

Young Cabbage, Sprouts

Boil the sprouts; season with cumin, salt, wine and oil; if you like add pepper, lovage, mint, rue, coriander; the tender leaves of the stalks stew in broth; wine and oil be the seasoning.

Another Way: Cut the stalks in half and boil them. The leaves are mashed and seasoned with coriander, onion, cumin, pepper, raisin wine, or condensed wine and a little oil.

Another Way: The cooked stalks are placed in a baking dish; moisten with stock and pure oil, season with cumin, sprinkle with pepper, leeks, cumin, and green coriander all chopped up.

Another Way: The vegetable, seasoned and prepared in the above way is stewed with parboiled leeks.

Another Way: To the sprouts or stalks, seasoned and prepared as above, are added green olives which are heated likewise.

Another Way: Prepare the sprouts in the above way, cover them with boiled spelt and pine nuts and sprinkle with raisins.


Well matured leeks are boiled with a pinch of salt in combined water and oil. They are then stewed in oil and in the best kind of broth, and served.

Another Way: Wrap the leeks well in cabbage leaves, having first cooked them as directed above and then finish them in the above way.

Another Way: Cook the leeks with laurel berries, and otherwise treat them and serve as above.

Leeks and Beans

After having boiled the leeks in water, green string beans which have not yet been prepared otherwise, may be boiled in the leek water 10 principally on account of the good taste they will acquire; and may then be served with the leeks.


To make a dish of beets that will appeal to your taste slice the beets with leeks and crush coriander and cumin; add raisin wine, boil all down to perfection: bind it, serve the beets separate from the broth, with oil and vinegar.

Another Way: Cook the beets with mustard seed and serve them well pickled in a little oil and vinegar.

Green Vegetables, Pot Herbs

The greens tied in handy bundles, cooked and served with pure oil; also proper with fried fish.

Turnips or Navews

Turnips are cooked soft, the water is squeezed out; then crush a good amount of cumin and a little rue, add Parthian laser or vinegar, stock, condensed wine and oil heat moderately and serve.

Another Way: The turnips are boiled, served dressed with oil, to which, if desired, you may add vinegar.


Pepper the radishes well; or, equally well: grate it with pepper and brine.

Soft Cabbage

The cabbage is cooked with pot herbs in soda water; press the water out chop it very fine: now crush pepper, lovage, dry satury with dry onions, add stock, oil and wine.

Another Mashed Green Vegetable

Cook celery in soda water, squeeze water out, chop fine. In the mortar crush pepper, lovage, origany, onion and mix with wine and stock, adding some oil. Cook this in the boiler and mix the celery with this preparation.


Cook the lettuce leaves with onion in soda water, squeeze the water out, chop very fine; in the mortar crush pepper, lovage, celery seed, dry mint, onion; add stock, oil and wine.

To Prevent Mashed Vegetables from Turning

It will be required above all to clean the vegetables well, to cut off all decayed parts and to cover the cooked vegetables with wormwood water.

Field Herbs

Field and forest herbs are prepared either raw with stock, oil and vinegar as a salad, or as a cooked dish by adding pepper, cumin and mastich berries.


The female nettles, when the sun is in the position of Aries, is supposed to render valuable services against ailments of various kinds.

Endives and Lettuce

Endives are dressed with brine, a little oil and chopped onion, instead of the real lettuce. In winter time the endives are taken out of the pickle and are dressed with honey or vinegar.

Lettuce Salad, Field Salad

Dress it with vinegar dressing and a little brine stock; which helps digestion and is taken to counteract inflation.

A Harmless Salad

And in order that the lettuce may not hurt you take (with it or after it) the following preparation) 2 ounces of ginger, 1 ounce of green rue, 1 ounce of meaty dates, 12 scruples of ground pepper, 1 ounce of good honey, and 8 ounces of either Aethiopian or Syrian cumin. Make an infusion of this in vinegar, the cumin crushed, and strain. Of this liquor use a small spoonful; mix it with stock and a little vinegar: you may take a small spoonful after the meal.


Cardoons are eaten with a dressing of briny broth, oil, and chopped hard eggs.

Another Dressing for Cardoons

Rue, mint, coriander, fennel — all green — finely crushed; add pepper, lovage, and brine and oil.

Boiled Cardoons

Are served with pepper, cumin, broth and oil.


Cow-parsnips are fried and eaten with a simple wine sauce.

Another Way: Boil the parsnips in salt water and season them with pure oil, chopped green coriander and whole pepper.

Another Way: Prepare the boiled parsnips with the following sauce: celery seed, rue, honey, ground pepper, mixed with raisin wine, stock and a little oil; bind this with roux, bring to a boiling point, immerse parsnips, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Way: Mash the parsnips, add cumin, rue, stock, a little condensed wine, oil, green coriander and leeks and serve; goes well with salt pork 12.

Another Way: Boil the parsnips sufficiently, if hard then put them in a sauce pan and stew them with oil, stock, pepper, raisin wine, strain 13 and bind with roux.

Another Way: Finish [marinate] the parsnips in oil and broth, or fry them in oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and serve.

Another Way: Bruise the boiled parsnips, scallops, muscular part of shellfish, eliminate the hard strings; add boiled spelt and chopped hard eggs, stock and pepper. Make croquettes or sausage from this, adding pignolia nut and pepper, wrap in caul or fill in casings fry and serve them as an entree dish in a wine sauce.

Carrots and Parsnips

Carrots or parsnips are fried and served with a wine sauce.

Another Way: The carrots are cooked salted and served with pure oil and vinegar.

Another Way: The carrots are boiled and sliced, stewed with cumin and a little oil and are served. At the same time here is your opportunity make a cumin sauce from the carrot juice for those who have the colic.

Book 4: Many Ingredients


Boiled Dinner

Pepper, fresh mint, celery, dry pennyroyal, cheese, pignolia nuts, honey, vinegar, broth, yolks of egg, fresh water, soaked bread and the liquid pressed out, cow's cheese and cucumbers are arranged in a dish, alternately, with the nuts; also add finely chopped capers, chicken livers; cover completely with a lukewarm, congealing broth, place on ice and when congealed unmould and serve up.

Apician Jelly

Put in the mortar celery seed, dry pennyroyal, dry mint, ginger, fresh coriander, seedless raisins, honey, vinegar, oil and wine; crush it together in order to make a dressing of it. Now Place 3 pieces of Picentian bread in a mould, interlined with pieces of cooked chicken, cooked sweetbreads of calf or lamb, cheese, pignolia nuts, cucumbers [pickles], finely chopped dry onions [shallots] covering the whole with jellified broth. Bury the mould in snow up to the rim; unmould, sprinkle with the above dressing and serve.

Other Salacaccabia

Hollow out an Alexandrine loaf of bread, soak the crumbs with posca [a mixture of water, wine, vinegar or lemon juice] and make a paste of it. Put in the mortar pepper, honey, mint, garlic, fresh coriander, salted cow's cheese, water and oil. Wine poured over before serving.

Everyday Dish

Make a paste of stewed brains [calf's, pig's, etc.] Season with pepper, cumin, laser, broth, thickened wine, milk and eggs. Poach it over a weak fire or in a hot water bath.

Another Dish, which can be Turned

The dish, called turn-over, is thus made: crush very fine walnuts and hazelnuts, toast them and crush with honey, mix in pepper, broth, milk and eggs and a little oil.

Another Way: The dish, called turn-over, is thus made: crush very fine walnuts and hazelnuts, toast them and crush with honey, mix in pepper, broth, milk and eggs and a little oil.

Vegetable and brain pudding

Take vegetables, clean and wash, shred and cook them cool them off and drain them. Take 4 calf's brains, remove the skin and strings and cook them in the mortar put 6 scruples of pepper, moisten with broth and crush fine; then add the brains, rub again and meanwhile add the vegetables, rubbing all the while, and make a fine paste of it. Thereupon break and add 8 eggs. Now add a glassful of broth, a glassful of wine, a glassful of raisin wine, taste this preparation. Oil the baking dish thoroughly put the mixture in the dish and place it in the hot plate, (that is above the hot ashes) and when it is done unmould it sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Cold Asparagus and Figpecker Dish

Cold asparagus pie is made in this manner: take well cleaned cooked asparagus, crush it in the mortar, dilute with water and presently strain it through the colander. Now trim, prepare [i.e., cook or roast] figpeckers and hold them in readiness. 3 scruples of pepper are crushed in the mortar, add broth, a glass of wine, put this in a saucepan with 3 ounces of oil, heat thoroughly. Meanwhile oil your pie mould, and with 6 eggs, flavored with oenogarum, and the asparagus preparation as described above; thicken the mixture on the hot ashes. Thereupon arrange the figpeckers in the mould, cover them with this puree, bake the dish. When cold, unmould it sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Asparagus Custard

Asparagus pie is made like this: Put in the mortar asparagus tips; crush pepper, lovage, green coriander, savory and onions; crush, dilute with wine, broth and oil. Put this in a well-greased pan, and, if you like, add while on the fire some beaten eggs to it to thicken it, cook without boiling the eggs and sprinkle with very fine pepper.

A Dish of Field Vegetables

By following the above instructions you may make a pie of field vegetables, or of thyme or of green peppers or of cucumbers or of small tender sprouts same as above, or, if you like, make one underlaid with boneless pieces of fish or of chicken combined with any of the above vegetables.

Elderberry Custard or Pie

A dish of elderberries, either hot or cold, is made in this manner: take elderberries, wash them; cook in water, skim and strain. Prepare a dish in which to cook the custard; crush 6 scruples of pepper with a little broth; add this to the elderberry pulp with another glass of broth, a glass of wine, a glass of raisin wine and as much as 4 ounces of oil. Put the dish in the hot bath and stir the contents. As soon as it is getting warm, quickly break 6 eggs and whipping them, incorporate them, in order to thicken the fluid. When thick enough sprinkle with pepper and serve up.

Rose Pie, Rose Custard or Pudding

Take roses fresh from the flower bed, strip off the leaves, remove the white from the petals and put them in the mortar; pour over some broth and rub fine. Add a glass of broth and strain the juice through the colander. This done take 4 cooked calf's brains, skin them and remove the nerves; crush 8 scruples of pepper moistened with the juice and rub with the brains; thereupon break 8 eggs, add 1 glass of wine, 1 glass of raisin wine and a little oil. Meanwhile grease a pan, place it on the hot ashes or in the hot bath in which pour the above described material; when the mixture is cooked in the bain marie sprinkle it with pulverized pepper and serve.

Pumpkin Pie

And pumpkin pie is made thus: stewed and mashed pumpkin is placed in the pan or pie dish seasoned with a little cumin essence. Add a little oil; heat [bake] and serve.

Sprats or Smelts au Vin Blanc

Clean the smelts or other small fish, filets of sole, etc. of white meat marinate (i.e., impregnate with) in oil, place in a shallow pan, add oil, broth and wine. Bunch fresh rue and marjoram and cook with the fish. When done remove the herbs, season the fish with pepper and serve.

Smelt Pie, or, Sprat Custard

Boneless pieces of anchovies or other small fish, either roast [fried] boiled, chop very fine. Fill a casserole generously with the same; season with crushed pepper and a little rue, add sufficient broth and some oil, and mix in, also add enough raw eggs so that the whole forms one solid mass. Now carefully add some sea-nettles but take pain that they are not mixed with the eggs. Now put the dish into the steam so that it may congeal but avoid boiling. When done sprinkle with ground pepper and carry into the dining room. Nobody will be able to tell what he is enjoying.

A Rich Entree of Fish, Poultry and Sausage in Cream

Soak pignolia nuts, dry them, and also have fresh sea-urchins ready. Take a deep dish casserole in which arrange the following things in layers: medium-size mallows and beets, mature leeks, celery, stewed tender green cabbage, and other boiled green vegetables, a disjointed chicken stewed in its own gravy, cooked calf's or pig's brains, Lucanian sausage, hard boiled eggs cut into halves, big Tarentinian sausage sliced and broiled in the ashes, chicken giblets or pieces of chicken meat. Bits of fried fish, sea nettles, pieces of stewed oysters and fresh cheese are alternately put together; sprinkle in between the nuts and whole pepper, and the juice as is cooked from pepper, lovage, celery seed and silphium. This essence, when done, mix with milk to which raw eggs have been added pour this over the pieces of food in the dish so that the whole is thoroughly combined, stiffen it in the hot water bath and when done garnish with fresh mussels, sea-urchins, poached and chopped fine; sprinkle pepper over and serve.

Apician Dish

The Apician dish is made thus: take small pieces of cooked sow's belly with the paps on it pieces of fish, pieces of chicken, the breasts of figpeckers or of thrushes slightly cooked, and whichever is best. Mince all this very carefully, particularly the figpeckers the meat of which is very tender. Dissolve in oil strictly fresh eggs; crush pepper and lovage, pour over some broth and raisin wine, put it in a saucepan to heat and bind with roux. After you have cut all in regular pieces, let it come to the boiling point. When done, retire from the fire with its juice of which you put some in another deep pan with whole pepper and pignolia nuts. Spread the ragout out in single layers with thin pancakes in between; put as many pancakes and layers of meat as is required to fill the dish; put a final cover of pancake on top and sprinkle with pepper after those eggs have been added which serve to tie the dish. Now put this mould or dish in a boiler steamer, hot water bath, allow to congeal and dish it out by unmoulding it. An expensive silver platter would enhance the appearance of this dish materially.

An Everyday Dish

Pieces of cooked sow's udder, pieces of cooked fish, chicken meat and similar bits, mince uniformly, season well and carefully. Take a metal dish for a mould. Break eggs in another bowl and beat them. In a mortar put pepper, lovage and origany, which crush; moisten this with broth, wine, raisin wine and a little oil; empty it into the bowl with the beaten eggs, mix and heat it in the hot water bath. Thereupon when this is thickened mix it with the pieces of meat. Now prepare alternately layers of stew and pancakes, interspersed with oil in the metal mould reserved for this purpose until full, cover with one real good pancake, cut into it a vent hole for chimney on the surface bake in hot water bath and when done turn out upside down into another dish. Sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Nut Custard Turn-over

Pignolia nuts, chopped or broken nuts (other varieties) are cleaned and roasted and crushed with honey. Mix in, beat well pepper, broth, milk, eggs, a little honey and oil. Thicken slowly on fire without boiling, fill in moulds, taking care that the nuts do not sink to the bottom, bake in hot water bath, when cold unmould.


Take any kind of salt fish cook fry or broil it in oil, take the bones out, shred it and add pieces of cooked brains, pieces of other, fresh (?) fish, minced chicken livers and cover with hot soft (i.e. liquefied) cheese. Heat all this in a dish; meanwhile grind pepper, lovage, origany, seeds of rue with wine, honey wine and oil; cook all on a slow fire; bind this sauce with raw eggs; arrange the fish, etc. Properly incorporate with the sauce, sprinkle with crushed cumin and serve.

Salt Fish Balls in Wine Sauce

Dry pieces of salt tursio are boned, cleaned soaked in water, cooked shredded fine and seasoned with ground pepper, lovage, origany, parsley, coriander, cumin, rue seeds and dry mint. Make fish balls out of this material and poach the same in wine, broth and oil; and when cooked, arrange them in a dish. Then make a sauce utilizing the broth, the court bouillon in which the balls were cooked season with pepper, lovage, satury, onions and wine and vinegar, also add broth and oil as needed, bind with roux, pour over the balls, sprinkle with thyme and ground pepper.

Vegetable Dinner

Any kind of vegetables or herbs blanched off in water with a little soda; squeeze out the water arrange in a saucepan. Grind pepper, lovage, coriander, satury, onion with wine, broth, vinegar and oil; add this to the vegetables, stew all until nearly done and tie with roux. Sprinkle with thyme, finely ground pepper and serve. Any kind of vegetable may be prepared in the above manner, if you wish.

Dish of Sardines

Sardine loaf (or omelette) is made in this manner: clean the sardines of skin and bones; break and beat eggs and mix with half of the fish; add to this some stock, wine and oil, and finish the composition by heating it. When done to a point, add the remaining part of the sardines to it, let it stand a while over a slow fire to congeal; carefully turn over, dish it up, mask with a warm wine sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Fine Ragout of Brains and Bacon

The dish of bacon and brains is made in this manner: strain or chop fine hard boiled eggs with parboiled brains (calf's or pig's) the skin and nerves of which have been removed; also cook chicken giblets, all in proportion to the fish. Put this aforesaid mixture in a saucepan, place the cooked bacon in the center, grind pepper and lovage and to sweeten add a dash of mead, heat, when hot stir briskly with a rue whip and bind with roux.

Broiled Mullet

A dish of mullet consists of scaled salt mullet placed in a clean pan with enough oil as is necessary for cooking; when done add a dash of honey-wine or raisin wine, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

A Dish of Any Kind of Salt Fish

Another fish dish is thus made: fry any kind of cured3 fish, carefully treated, soaked and cleaned; place in a pan, cover with sufficient oil, lay strips of cooked salt pork or bacon — petits sales over the center, keep it hot, when real hot, add a dash of honey wine to the gravy and stir it up.

Another Fish Dish, with Onions

Another fish dish make as follows: clean any kind of fish and place it properly in a saucepan with shredded dry Ascalonian onions [shallots] or with any other kind of onions, the fish on top. Add stock and oil and cook. When done, put broiled bacon in the center, give it a dash of vinegar, sprinkle with finely chopped savory and garnish with the onions.

A Lucretian Dish

Clean young onions, rejecting the green tops, and place them in a saucepan with a little broth, some oil and water, and, to be cooked with the onions place salt pork in the midst of the scallions. When nearly done, add a spoon of honey, a little vinegar and reduced must, taste it, if insipid add more brine (broth). If too salty, add more honey, and sprinkle with savory.

Stewed Lacertus Fish

Clean and wash soak the fish cook and flake it break and beat eggs, mix them with the fish, add broth, wine and oil. Place this on the fire, when cooked [scrambled] add simple fish wine sauce to it, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

A Fish Stew

The zomore fish dish is made as follows: take raw ganonas and other fish whichever you like, place them in a sauce pan, adding oil, broth, reduced wine, a bunch of leeks and green coriander; while this cooks, crush pepper, lovage and a bunch of origany which crush by itself and dilute with the juice of the fish. Now dissolve break and beat egg yolks for a liaison prepare and taste the dish, binding the sauce with the yolks sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Sole in White Wine

A dish of sole is thus made: beat the sole prepare and place them in a shallow sauce pan, add oil, broth and wine, and poach them thus; now crush pepper, lovage, origany and add of the fish juice; then bind the sauce with raw eggs yolks to make a good creamy sauce of it; strain this over the sole, heat all on a slow fire to fill it with live heat sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Fish Liquor

A liquor in which to cook fish is made by taking one ounce of pepper, one pint of reduced wine, one pint of spiced wine and two ounces of oil.

A Dish of Little Fish

Take raisins, pepper, lovage, origany, onions, wine, broth and oil, place this in a pan; after this has cooked add to it the cooked small fish, bind with roux and serve.

A Dish of Tooth Fish, Dory or Sea Mullet and Oysters

Take the fish, prepare clean, trim, wash and half broil or fry them; thereupon shred them in good-sized pieces: next prepare oysters; put in a mortar 6 scruples of pepper, moisten with broth and crush. Add a small glass of broth, one of wine to it; put in a sauce pan 3 ounces of oil and the shelled oysters and let them poach with wine sauce. When they are done, oil a dish on which place the above mentioned fish pieces and stewed oysters, heat again, and when hot, break 40 eggs whip them and pour them over the oysters, so that they congeal. Sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Sea Bass, or Barracuda

Grind pepper, cumin, parsley, rue, onions, honey, broth, raisin wine and drops of oil.

A Dish of Sorb-apple, hot or cold

Take medlars, clean them, crush them in the mortar and strain through colander. 4 cooked calf's or pork brains, skinned and fried from stringy parts, put in the mortar with 8 scruples of pepper, dilute with stock and crush, adding the medlar pulp and combine all; now break 8 eggs and add a small glass of broth. Oil a clean pan and place it in the hot bath or in the hot ashes; after you have filled it with the preparation, make sure that the pan gets enough heat from below; let it congeal, and when done sprinkle with a little fine pepper and serve.

A Dish of Peaches

Clean hard-skinned peaches and slice, stew them; arrange in a dish, sprinkle with a little oil and serve with cumin-flavored wine.

A Dish of Pears

A dish of pears is made this way: stew the pears, clean out the center remove core and seeds crush them with pepper, cumin, honey, raisin wine, broth and a little oil; mix with eggs, make a pie (custard) of this, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

A Dish of Sea-nettles

A dish of sea-nettles, either hot or cold, is made thus: take sea-nettles, wash and drain them on the colander, dry on the table and chop fine. Crush 10 scruples of pepper, moisten with broth, add 2 small glasses of broth and 6 ounces of oil. Heat this in a sauce pan and when cooked take it out and allow to cool off. Next oil a clean pan, break 8 eggs and beat them; combine these with the above preparations, place the pan on hot ashes to give it heat from below, when done [congealed] sprinkle with pepper and serve.

A Dish of Quinces

A dish of quinces is made as follows: quinces are cooked with leeks, honey and broth, using hot oil, or they are stewed in honey.

A Mince of Sea Food

Place the fish in sauce pan, add broth oil and wine and poach it. Also finely chop leek heads (the white part only of leeks) and fresh coriander. When cool, mince the fish fine form it into small cakes adding capers and sea-nettles well cleaned. These fish cakes cook in a liquor of pepper, lovage and origany, crushed, diluted with broth and the above fish liquor which skim well, bind with roux or eggs, stir, strain over the cakes, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Tarentine Minutal

Finely chop the white part of leeks and place in a sauce pan; add oil fry lightly and broth; next add small sausage to be cooked likewise. To have a good Tarentine dish, they must be tender. The making of these sausages will be found among the isicia. Also make a sauce in the following manner: crush pepper, lovage and origany, moisten with broth, add to the above sausage gravy, wine, raisin wine; put in a sauce pan to be heated. When boiling, skim carefully, bind, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Apician Minutal

The Apician minutal is made as follows: oil, broth wine, leek heads, mint, small fish, small tidbits cock's fries or capon's kidneys and pork sweetbreads; all of these are cooked together. Now crush pepper, lovage, green coriander, or seeds, moistened with broth; add a little honey, and of the own liquor of the above morsels, wine and honey to taste; bring this to a boiling point, skim, bind, stir well strain, pour over the morsels sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Minutal a la Matius

Put in a sauce pan oil, broth finely chopped leeks, coriander, small tid-bits, cooked pork shoulder, cut into long strips including the skin, have everything equally half done. Add Matian apples cleaned, the core removed, slice lengthwise and cook them together: meanwhile crush pepper, cumin, green coriander, or seeds, mint, laser root, moistened with vinegar, honey and broth and a little reduced must, add to this the broth of the above morsels, vinegar to taste, boil, skim, bind strain over the morsels sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Sweet Minutal

In a sauce pan put together oil, broth, coctura finely cut leek heads and green coriander, cooked pork shoulder, small tid-bits. While this is being cooked, crush pepper, cumin, coriander or its seeds, green rue, laser root, moistened with vinegar, reduced must and the gravy of the above morsels; add vinegar to taste: when this sauce is cooked, hollow out citron squash cut in dice, boil and place them together with the rest in the dish, skim, bind, strain the sauce pour it over the morsels sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Minutal of Fruit

In a sauce pan put oil, broth and wine, finely cut shallots, diced cooked pork shoulder. When this is cooked, crush pepper, cumin, dry mint, dill, moisten with honey, broth, raisin wine and a little vinegar, some of the gravy of the above morsels. Add fruits the seeds of which have been taken out, let boil, when thoroughly cooked, skim, bind, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Minutal of Hare's Livers

The way to make a minutal of hare's giblets may be found among the hare recipes.

In a sauce pan put oil, broth and wine, finely cut shallots, diced cooked pork shoulder. When this is cooked, crush pepper, cumin, dry mint, dill, moisten with honey, broth, raisin wine and a little vinegar, some of the gravy of the above morsels, add seedless fruits, let boil, when thoroughly cooked, skim, bind, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Red Apple Minutal

Make this the same way as described in the foregoing, only add more raisin wine.

Barley Broth, Pap, Porridge, Gruel

Crush barley, soaked the day before, well washed, place on the fire to be cooked in a double boiler. When hot add enough oil, a bunch of dill, dry onion, satury and colocasium to be cooked together because for the better juice, add green coriander and a little salt; bring it to a boiling point. When done take out the bunch of dill and transfer the barley into another kettle to avoid sticking to the bottom and burning. Make it liquid by addition of water, broth, milk; strain into a pot covering the tops of the colocasia. Next crush pepper, lovage, a little dry flea-bane, cumin and sylphium. Stir it well and add vinegar, reduced must and broth; put it back into the pot, the remaining colocasia finish on a gentle fire.

Another Tisana

The cereal is soaked; chickpeas, lentils and peas are crushed and boiled with it; when well cooked, add plenty of oil. Now cut green herbs, leeks, coriander, dill, fennel, beets, mallows, cabbage strunks, all soft and green and finely cut, and put in a pot. The cabbage cook separately. Also crush fennel seed, origany, sylphium and lovage, and when crushed, add broth to taste, pour this over the porridge, stir it together and use some finely chopped cabbage stems to sprinkle on top.

'Moveable' Appetizers

The moveable appetizers are thus made: small white beets, mature leeks, celery roots stewed cockles ginger chicken giblets, small fowl small morsels cooked in their own liquor. Oil a pan, line it with mallow leaves and a composition of different vegetables, and, if you have room enough, bulbs, damascus plums, snails, tid-bits short Lucanian sausage sliced; add broth, oil, wine, vinegar put on the fire to heat and so cook them. Meanwhile crush pepper, lovage, ginger, a little tarragon, moisten it and let it cook. Break several eggs in a dish, use the remaining liquor in the mortar to mix it with the sauce in the dish and to bind it. When this is done, make a wine sauce for it as follows: crush pepper, lovage, moistened with broth, raisin wine to taste; in a small sauce pan put a little oil with the other ingredients; heat, and bind with roux when hot. Now unmould, upset the dish on a platter, remove the mallow leaves, pour over the wine sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Vegetable Relish

For this vegetable dish boil bulbs in broth, oil, and wine; when done add liver of suckling pig chicken livers and feet and small birds cut in halves, all to be cooked with the bulbs. When done, crush pepper, lovage, moistened with broth, wine, raisin wine to sweeten it. Add of the own liquor of the morsels, retire the onions, when done group the morsels together in the service dish; bind the sauce with roux in the last moment, strain over the morsels and serve.

Stuffed Pumpkin Fritters

A dish of stuffed pumpkin is made thus: peel and cut the pumpkin lengthwise into oblong pieces which hollow out and put in a cool place. The dressing for the same make in this way: crush pepper, lovage and origany, moistened with broth; mince cooked brains and beat raw eggs and mix all together to form a paste; add broth as taste requires. Stuff the above prepared pieces of pumpkin that have not been fully cooked with the dressing; fit two pieces together and close them tight holding them by means of strings or skewers. Now poach them and take the cooked ones out and fry them 8. The proper wine sauce for this dish make thus: crush pepper, lovage moistened with wine, raisin wine to taste, a little oil, place in pan to be cooked; when done bind with roux. Cover the fried pumpkin with this sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Compote of Early Fruit

Clean hard-skinned early fruits remove the seeds and keep them cold in a pan. Crush pepper dry mint, moistened with broth, adding honey, raisin wine, wine and vinegar; pour this over the fruit in the pan, adding a little oil. Stew slowly on a weak fire, thicken the juice with roux [rice flour or other starch diluted with water] sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Book 5: Pulse


Gruel and Wine

Porridge and wine is thus made: flavor the pulse well with wine and immerse in the juice dainty morsels.

Another Way: Or flavor cooked spelt with the liquor of dainty pieces of pork, or capon cooked in wine.

Milk Toast

Put a pint of milk and some water on the fire in a new clean pot; break round bread into it dry, stir well to prevent burning; add water as necessary.

Honey Pap

Honey and mead are treated similarly, mixed with milk, with the addition of salt and a little oil.

Lentils and Cow-parsnips

Put the lentils in a clean sauce pan and cook with salt. In the mortar crush pepper, cumin, coriander seed, mint, rue, and flea-bane, moistened with vinegar, add honey and broth and reduced must, vinegar to taste and put this in a sauce pan. The cooked cow-parsnips crush, heat mix with the lentils. When thoroughly cooked, tie, add green (fresh olive) oil and serve in an appropriate dish.

Lentils and Chestnuts

Take a new sauce pan, place therein the chestnuts carefully cleaned 1, add water and a little soda and place on the fire to be cooked. This done, crush in the mortar pepper, cumin, coriander seed, mint, rue, laser root and flea-bane moistened with vinegar, honey and broth; add vinegar to taste and pour this over the cooked chestnuts, add oil and allow to boil. When done crush it in the mortar. Taste to see if something is missing and if so, put it in, and at last add green fresh virgin oil.

Another Way: Cook the lentils, skim them, strain, add leeks, green coriander; crush coriander seed, flea-bane, laser root, mint seed and rue seed moistened with vinegar; add honey, broth, vinegar, reduced must to taste, then oil, stirring the purée until it is done, bind with roux, add green oil, sprinkle with pepper and serve.


Cook the peas; when skimmed, lay leeks, coriander and cumin on top. Crush pepper, lovage, cumin, dill and green basilica, wine and broth to taste, make it boil; when done stir well, put in what perchance should be missing and serve.

Peas Supreme Style

Cook the peas with oil and a piece of sow's belly. Put in a sauce pan a broth, leek heads (the lower white part), green coriander and put on the fire to be cooked. Of tid-bits cut little dice. Similarly cook thrushes or other small game birds, or take sliced chicken and diced brain, properly cooked. Further cook, in the available liquor or broth, Lucanian sausage and bacon; cook leeks in water; crush a pint of toasted pignolia nuts; also crush pepper, lovage, origany, and ginger, dilute with the broth of pork, tie. Take a square baking dish suitable for turning over, which oil well and line with caul. Sprinkle on the bottom a layer of crushed nuts upon which put some peas, fully covering the bottom of the squashº dish; on top of this arrange slices of the bacon, leeks and sliced Lucanian sausage; again cover with a layer of peas and alternate all the rest of the available edibles in the manner described until the dish is filled, concluding at last with a layer of peas, utilizing everything. Bake this dish in the oven, or put it into a slow fire covering it with live coal so that it may be baked thoroughly. Next make a sauce of the following: put yolks of hard boiled eggs in the mortar with white pepper, nuts, honey, white wine and a little broth; mix and put it into a sauce pan to be cooked; when the sauce is done, turn out the peas into a large silver dish and mask them with this sauce which is called white sauce.

Indian Peas

Cook peas; when skimmed, put in the sauce pan finely chopped leeks and coriander to be cooked with the peas. Take small cuttle fish, most desirable because of the black liquor and cook them also. Add oil, broth and wine, a bunch of leek and green coriander and make it boil. When done, crush pepper, lovage, origany, a little wild cumin moisten with the juice of the peas add wine and raisin wine to taste; mince the fish very fine, incorporate it with the peas, and sprinkle with pepper.

Another Way: Cook the peas, work well to make a purée; place in the cold, stirring until they have cooled off. Finely chop onions and the whites of hard boiled eggs, season with salt and a little vinegar; the yolks press through a colander into an entrée dish, season with fresh oil and serve. 3

Peas or Beans a la Vitellius

Peas or beans with yolks are made thus: cook the peas, smoothen them; crush pepper, lovage, ginger, and on the condiments put hard boiled yolks, ounces of honey, also broth, wine and vinegar; mix and place all in a sauce pan; the finely chopped condiments with oil added, put on the stove to be cooked; with this flavor the peas which must be smooth; and if they be too harsh in taste add honey and serve.

Another Way: When the peas or beans are skimmed mix broth, honey, must, cumin, rue, celery seed, oil and wine, stir. Serve with crushed pepper and sausage.

Another Way: When the peas or beans are skimmed flavor them with crushed Persian laser, broth and must; pour a little oil over and serve.

A Tempting Dish of Peas

This adroit, tempting dish of peas is prepared in this manner: cook peas; brains or small birds, or boned thrushes, Lucanian sausage, chicken livers and giblets — all of which are put in a sauce pan; broth, oil and a bunch of leeks, green coriander finely chopped, cook with the brains; crush pepper, lovage and broth.

Peas a la Vitellius

Peas or beans in the style of Vitellius prepare thus: The peas or beans are cooked, when carefully skimmed, add leeks, coriander and mallow flowers: when done, crush pepper, lovage, origany, and fennel seed moistened with broth and put it into a sauce pan with wine, adding oil, heat thoroughly and when boiling stir well; put green oil on top and serve.

Beans in the Pod

Cook the beans; meanwhile crush pepper, lovage, cumin, green coriander, moistened with broth and wine, and add more broth to taste, put into the sauce pan with the beans adding oil; heat on a slow fire and serve.

Peas in the Pod Apician Style

For peas in the pod Apician style take: a clean earthen pot in which to cook the peas; to the peas add finely cut Lucanian sausage, little pork cakes, pieces of meat and pork shoulder. Crush pepper, lovage, origany, dill, dry onions green coriander moistened with broth, wine, and add more broth to taste; unite this with the peas in the earthen pot to which add oil in sufficient quantity to be absorbed by the peas; finish on a slow fire to give it live heat and serve.

Simple Dish of Peas in the Pod

Cook the peas in the pods when skimmed add a bunch of leeks and green coriander. While being cooked crush pepper, lovage, origany, and the above bunch of herbs. Moisten with its own juice, wine enough to suit your taste, then add oil and finish on a slow fire.

Peas in the Pod a la Commodus

Make peas Commodian style thus; cook the peas, when skimmed, crush pepper, lovage, dill, shallots moistened with broth; add wine and broth to taste: stir in a sauce pan with the peas to combine; for each sextarius of peas beat 4 eggs, and combine them with the peas, place on the fire to thicken avoiding ebullition and serve.

Another Way: Cut raw chicken into small pieces, add broth, oil and wine, and stew it. Chop onions and coriander fine and add brains (calf's or pork, parboiled, the skin and nerves removed), to the chicken. When this is cooked take the chicken out and bone it. The peas cook separately, without seasoning, only using chopped onions and coriander and the broth of the chicken; strain part of the peas and arrange them alternately in a dish with the pieces of chicken, brains and the unstrained peas then crush pepper and cumin, moistened with chicken broth. In the mortar beat 2 eggs with broth to taste, pour this over the chicken and peas, finish on a slow fire 5, dish out on a heap of peas, garnish with pine nuts and serve.

Stuffed Chicken or Suckling Pig

Bone either chicken or suckling pig from the chicken remove the breast bone and the upper joint bones of the legs; hold it together by means of wooden skewers, and meanwhile prepare the following dressing in this manner: alternate inside of the chicken or pig peas with weight pods washed and cooked, brains, Lucanian sausage, etc. Now crush pepper, lovage, origany and ginger, moistened with broth, raisin wine and wine to taste, make it boil, when done, use it moderately for seasoning and alternately with the other dressing; wrap the chicken, or pig in caul, place it in a baking dish and put it in the oven to be cooked slowly, and serve.

Barley Broth

Crush well washed barley, soaked the day before, place on the fire to be cooked. When hot add plenty of it, a small bunch of dill, dry onion, satury and colocasium, to be cooked together because this gives a better juice; add green coriander and a little salt; bring it to a boiling point. When well heated take out the bunch dill and transfer the barley into another vessel to avoid burning on the bottom of the pot; thin it out with water, broth, milk and strain into a pot, covering the tips of the colocasia. Next crush pepper, lovage, a little dry flea-bane, cumin and sylphium, stir well, add vinegar, reduced must and broth; put it back in the pot; the remaining colocasia finish on a gentle fire.

Another Gruel

Soak chick-peas, lentils and peas, crush barley and cook with the legumes, when well cooked add plenty of oil. Now cut greens, leeks, coriander, dill, fennel, beets, mallows, cabbage strunks, all soft and green and very finely cut, and put in a pot. The cabbage cook separately; also crush fennel seed, plenty of it, origany, silphium, and lovage, and when ground, add broth to taste, pour this over the porridge, stir, and use some finely chopped cabbage stems to sprinkle on top.

Green Beans

Green beans are cooked in broth, with oil, green coriander, cumin and chopped leeks, and served.

Beans Saute

Fried beans are served in broth.

Mustard Beans

The beans previously cooked are seasoned with crushed mustard seed, honey, nuts, rue, cumin, and served with vinegar.

Baiaean Beans

Cooked beans from Baiae are cut fine and finished with rue, green celery, leeks, vinegar, a little must or raisin wine and served.

The Herb Fenugreek

Fenugreek is prepared in broth, oil and wine.

Green String Beans and Chick-peas

Are served with salt, cumin, oil, and a little pure wine.

Another Way: Beans or chick-peas are cooked in a wine sauce and seasoned with pepper.

Boiled, Sumptuously

And cook the beans, in a rich manner, remove the seeds and serve as a Salad, 6 with hard eggs, green fennel, pepper, broth, a little reduced wine and a little salt, or serve them in simpler ways, as you may see fit.

Book 6: Birds


Boiled Ostrich

A stock in which to cook ostrich: pepper, mint, cumin, leeks, celery seed, dates, honey, vinegar, raisin wine, broth, a little oil. Boil this in the stock kettle with the ostrich, remove the bird when done, strain the liquid thicken with roux. To this sauce add the ostrich meat cut in convenient pieces, sprinkle with pepper. If you wish it more seasoned or tasty, add garlic during coction.

Another Ostrich Stew

Pepper, lovage, thyme, also satury, honey, mustard, vinegar, broth and oil.

Crane or Duck

Wash the fowl and dress it nicely put in a stew pot, add water, salt and dill, parboil so as to have them half done, until the meat is hard, remove them, put them in a sauce pan to be finished by braising with oil, broth, a bunch of origany and coriander; when nearly done, add a little reduced must, to give it color. Meanwhile crush pepper, lovage, cumin, coriander, laser root, rue moistened with reduced wine and some honey, add some of the fowl broth to it and vinegar to taste; empty the sauce into a sauce pan, heat, bind with roux, and strain the sauce over the fowl in an entrée dish.

Another Way of Cooking Crane, Duck or Chicken

Pepper, shallots, lovage, cumin, celery seed, prunes or Damascus plums stones removed, fresh must, vinegar, broth, reduced must and oil. Boil the crane; while cooking it take care that its head is not touched by the water but that it remains without. When the crane is done, wrap it in a hot towel, and pull the head off so that the sinews follow in a manner that the meat and the bones remain; for one cannot enjoy the hard sinews.

Crane or Duck with Turnips

Take out (remove entrails), clean wash and dress the bird and parboil it in water with salt and dill. Next prepared turnips and cook them in water which is to be squeezed out. Take them out of the pot and wash them again. 1 And put into a sauce pan the duck with oil, broth, a bunch of leeks and coriander; the turnips cut into small pieces; these put on top of the duck in order to finish cooking. When half done, to give it color, add reduced must. The sauce is prepared separately: pepper, cumin, coriander, laser root moistened with vinegar and diluted with its own broth of the fowl; bring this to a boiling point, thicken with roux. In a deep dish arrange the duck on top of the turnips; strain the sauce over it, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Sauce for Crane or Duck

Pepper, lovage, cumin, dry coriander, mint, origany, pine nuts, dates, broth, oil, honey, mustard and wine.

Roast Crane or Duck

Pour over the roast bird this gravy: crush pepper, lovage, origany with broth, honey, a little vinegar and oil; boil it well, thicken with roux, strain. In this sauce place small pieces of parboiled pumpkin or colocasium so that they are finished in the sauce; also cook with it chicken feet and giblets all of which serve in a chafing dish, sprinkle with fine pepper and serve.

Boiled Crane or Duck in Another Manner

Pepper, lovage, celery seed, rocket, or coriander, mint, dates, honey, vinegar, broth, reduced must and mustard. Likewise used for fowl roast braised in the pot.


Pepper, lovage, celery seed, mint, myrtle berries, also raisins, honey, wine, vinegar, broth, and oil. Use it cold. The partridge is scalded with its feathers, and while wet the feathers are taken off; the hair singed it is then cooked in its own juice braised and when done will not be hard if care is taken to baste it. Should it remain hard if it is old you must continue to cook it until it is tender.

Sauce for Partridge, Heath-cock and Turtle-dove

Pepper, lovage, mint, rue seed, broth, pure wine, and oil, heated.

Another Sauce for Boiled Birds

To the boiled fowl add pepper, carraway, celery seed, parsley, condiments, mortaria, dates, honey, vinegar, wine, oil and mustard.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, cumin, dry coriander, mint, origany, pine nuts, dates, broth, oil, honey, mustard and wine.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, laser, wine moistened with broth. Add wine and broth to taste. Mask the wood pigeon or squab with it. Sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Sauce for Different Birds

Pepper, dry cumin, crushed. Lovage, mint, seedless raisins or Damascus plums, little honey, myrtle wine to taste, vinegar, broth, and oil. Heat and whip it well with celery and satury.

Another Sauce for Fowl

Pepper, lovage, parsley, dry mint, fennel blossoms moistened with wine; add roasted nuts from Pontus or almonds, a little honey, wine, vinegar, and broth to taste. Put oil in a pot, and heat and stir the sauce, adding green celery seed, cat-mint; carve the fowl and cover with the sauce.

White Sauce for Boiled Fowl

Pepper, lovage, cumin, celery seed, toasted nuts from Pontus, or almonds, also shelled pine nuts, honey, a little broth, vinegar and oil.

Green Sauce for Fowl

Pepper, carraway, Indian spikenard, cumin, bay leaves, all kinds of green herbs, dates, honey, vinegar, wine, little broth, and oil.

White Sauce for Boiled Goose

Pepper, carraway, cumin, celery seed, thyme, onion, laser root, toasted nuts, honey, vinegar, broth and oil.

Treatment of Strong Smelling Birds of Every Description

For birds of all kinds that have a goatish smell pepper, lovage, thyme, dry mint, sage, dates, honey, vinegar, wine, broth, oil, reduced must, mustard. The birds will be more luscious and nutritious, and the fat preserved, if you envelop them in a dough of flour and oil and bake them in the oven.

Another Treatment of Odor

If the birds smell, stuff the inside with crushed fresh olives, sew up the aperture and thus cook, then retire the cooked olives.

For Flamingo and Parrot

Scald the flamingo, wash and dress it, put it in a pot, add water, salt, dill, and a little vinegar, to be parboiled. Finish cooking with a bunch of leeks and coriander, and add some reduced must to give it color. In the mortar crush pepper, cumin, coriander, laser root, mint, rue, moisten with vinegar, add dates, and the fond of the braised bird, thicken, strain, cover the bird with the sauce and serve. Parrot is prepared in the same manner.

Another Way: Roast the bird. Crush pepper, lovage, celery seed, sesame, parsley, mint, shallots, dates, honey, wine, broth, vinegar, oil, reduced must to taste.

To Prevent Birds from Spoiling

Scalded with the feathers birds will not always be juicy; it is better to first empty them through the neck and steam them suspended over a kettle with water.

Boiled Goose with Cold Apician Sauce

Crush pepper, lovage, coriander seed, mint, rue, moisten with broth and a moderate amount of oil. Take the cooked goose out of the pot and while hot wipe it clean with a towel, pour the sauce over it and serve.

Raw Sauce for Boiled Chicken

Put in the mortar dill seed, dry mint, laser root, moisten with vinegar, fig wine, broth, a little mustard, oil and reduced must, and serve. Known as dill chicken.

Another Chicken

A little honey is mixed with broth; the cooked [parboiled] chicken is cleaned (skin taken off, sinews, etc., removed), the carcass dried with a towel, quartered, the pieces immersed in broth so that the savour penetrates thoroughly. Fry the pieces in the pan. Pour over their own gravy, sprinkle with pepper, serve.

Chicken Parthian Style

Dress the chicken carefully and quarter it. Crush pepper, lovage and a little carraway moistened with broth, and add wine to taste. After frying place the chicken in an earthen dish, pour the seasoning over it, add laser and wine. Let it assimilate with the seasoning and braise the chicken to a point. When done sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Chicken Sour

A good-sized glass of oil, a smaller glass of broth, and the smallest measure of vinegar, 6 scruples of pepper, parsley and a bunch of leeks.

Guinea Hen

Prepare the chicken as usual; parboil it; clean it seasoned with laser and pepper, and fry in the pan; next crush pepper, cumin, coriander seed, laser root, rue, fig dates and nuts, moistened with vinegar, honey, broth and oil to taste. When boiling thicken with roux, strain, pour over the chicken, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Chicken with Laser

Dress the chicken carefully. Clean, garnish and place in an earthen casserole. Crush pepper, lovage, laser moistened with wine add broth and wine to taste, and put this on the fire; when done serve with pepper sprinkled over.

Roast Chicken

A little laser, 6 scruples of pepper, a glass of oil, a glass of broth, and a little parsley.

Boiled Chicken in its own Broth

Crush pepper, cumin, a little thyme, fennel seed, mint, rue, laser root, moistened with vinegar, add fig dates; work well and make it savory with honey, vinegar, broth and oil to taste: the boiled chicken properly cleaned and dried with the towel is masked with this sauce. 5

Chicken and Pumpkin

To the above described dressing add mustard, pour over and serve.

Chicken and Dasheens

The above sauce is also used for this dish. Stuff the chicken with peeled dasheens and stoned green olives, though not too much, so that the dressing may have room for expansion, to prevent bursting while the chicken is being cooked in the pot. Hold it down with a small basket, lift it up frequently and handle carefully so that the chicken does not burst.

Chicken a la Varus

Cook the chicken in this stock: broth, oil, wine, a bunch of leeks, coriander, satury; when done, crush pepper, nuts with 2 glasses of water and the juice of the chicken. Retire the bunches of greens, add milk to taste. The things crushed in the mortar add to the chicken and cook it together: thicken the sauce with beaten whites of egg and pour the sauce over the chicken. This is called "white sauce."

Chicken a la Fronto

A half-cooked chicken marinaded in a pickle of broth, mixed with oil, to which is added a bunch of dill, leeks, satury and green coriander. Finish it in this broth. When done, take the chicken out dress it nicely on a dish, pour over the sauce, colored with reduced must, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Creamed Chicken with Paste

Cook the chicken as follows, in broth, oil, with wine added, to which add a bunch of coriander and green onions. When done take it out, strain and save the broth, and put it in a new sauce pan, add milk and a little salt, honey and a pint of water, that is, a third part: place it back on a slow fire to simmer. Finally break the paste, put it little by little into the boiling broth stirring well so it will not burn. Put the chicken in, either whole or in pieces; dish it out in a deep dish. This cover with the following sauce: pepper, lovage, origany, moistened with honey and a little reduced must. Add some of the chicken broth, heat in a small sauce pan and when it boils thicken with roux and serve.

Stuffed Chicken or Pig

Empty the chicken through the aperture of the neck so that none of the entrails remain. Crush pepper, lovage, ginger, cut meat, cooked spelt; besides crush brains cooked in the chicken broth, break eggs and mix all together in order to make a solid dressing; add broth to taste and a little oil, whole pepper, plenty of nuts. With this dressing stuff either a chicken or a suckling pig, leaving enough room for expansion.

Stuffed Capon Likewise

The capon is stuffed in a similar way but is cooked with all the bones removed.

Chicken and Cream Sauce

Take a chicken and prepare it as above. Empty it through the aperture of the neck so that none of the entrails remain. Take a little water and plenty of Spanish oil, stir, cook together until all moisture is evaporated. When this is done take the chicken out, so that the greatest possible amount of oil remains behind. Sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Book 7: The Gourmet


Spayed Sows Womb

Sterile sow's womb (also udder and belly) is prepared in this manner: take laser from Cyrene or Parthia, vinegar and broth.

Another Way: Take pepper, celery seed, dry mint, laser root, honey, vinegar and broth.

Another Way: With pepper, broth and Parthian laser.

Another Way: With pepper, lovage and broth and a little condiment.

Cracklings, Pork Skin, Tenderloin, Tails and Feet

Serve with pepper, broth and laser (which the Greeks call "silphion").

Grilled Sow's Womb

Envelope in bran, afterwards put in brine and then cook it.

Sow's Belly

Sow's udder or belly with the paps on it is prepared in this manner: the belly boil, tie it together with reeds, sprinkle with salt and place it in the oven, or, start roasting on the gridiron. Crush pepper, lovage, with broth, pure wine, adding raisin wine to taste, thicken the sauce with roux and pour it over the roast.

Stuffed Sow's Belly

Full sow's belly is stuffed with crushed pepper, carraway, salt mussels; sew the belly tight and roast. Enjoy this with a brine sauce and mustard.

Wine Sauce for Fig-fed Pork

Fig-fed pork liver (that is, liver crammed with figs) is prepared in a wine sauce with pepper, thyme, lovage, broth, a little wine and oil.

Another Way: Trim the liver; marinate in broth, with pepper, lovage, two laurel berries, wrap in caul, grill on the gridiron and serve.

Ostian Meat Balls

Prepare the meat in this manner: clean the meat of bones, sinews, etc. Scrape it as thin as a skin and shape it. Crush pepper, lovage, cumin, carraway, silphium, one laurel berry, moistened with broth; in a square dish place the meat balls and the spices where they remain in pickling for two or three days, covered crosswise with twigs. Then place them in the oven to be roasted, when done take the finished meat balls out. Crush pepper, lovage, with the broth, add a little raisin wine to sweeten. Cook it, thicken with roux, immerse the balls in the sauce and serve.

Apician Roulades

Bone the meat for the (roulades — a pork loin — roll it, tie it) oven, shape round, cover with or wrap in rushes. Roast. When done, retire, allow to drip and dry on the gridiron but so that the meat does not harden. Crush pepper, lovage, rush, cumin, adding broth and raisin wine to taste. Place the roulades with this sauce together in a sauce pan; finish by braising. When done, retire the roulades and dry them. Serve without the gravy sprinkled with pepper. If too fat remove the outer skin.

Pork Cutlet, Hunter Style

In the same manner you can make tidbits of sow's belly pork chops to be prepared in a manner to resemble wild boar are pickled in oil and broth and placed in spices. When the cutlets are done (marinated) the pickle is placed on the fire and boiled; the cutlets are put back into this gravy and are finished with crushed pepper, spices, honey, broth, and roux. When this is done serve the cutlets without the broth and oil, sprinkled with pepper.

Tidbits Another Way

The balls or cutlets are properly fried in the pan, nearly done. Next prepare the following: one whole glass broth, a glass of water, a glass of vinegar and a glass of oil, properly mixed; put this in an earthen baking dish, immerse meat pieces, finish on the fire and serve.

Another Way: Also fry the cutlets this way: in a pan with plenty of wine sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve. Another way: the cutlets previously salt and pickled in a broth of cumin, are properly fried.

Roasting, Plain

Simply put the meats to be roasted in the oven, generously sprinkled with salt, and serve it glazed with honey.

Another Style for Roasts

Take 6 scruples of parsley, of laser just as many, 6 of ginger, 5 laurel berries, 6 scruples of preserved laser root, Cyprian rush 6, 6 of origany, a little costmary, 3 scruples of chamomile or pellitory, 6 scruples of celery seed, 12 scruples of pepper, and broth and oil as much as it will take up,

Another Condiment for Roast

Crush dry myrtle berries with cumin and pepper, adding honey also broth, reduced must and oil. Heat and bind with roux. Pour this over the roast that is medium done, with salt; sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Roast Sauce

6 scruples pepper, 6 scruples lovage, 6 scruples parsley, 6 scruples celery seed, 6 scruples dill, 6 scruples laser root, 6 scruples wild spikenard, 6 scruples Cyprian rush, 6 scruples carraway, 6 scruples cumin, 6 scruples ginger, a pint of broth and a spoonful oil.

Roast Neck

Put in a braisière and boil pepper, spices, honey, broth; and heat this with the meat in the oven. The neck piece itself, if you like, is also roasted with spices and the hot gravy is simply poured over at the moment of serving.

Sauce for All Boiled Dishes

Pepper, lovage, origany, rue, silphium, dry onion, wine, reduced wine, honey, vinegar, a little oil, boiled down, strained through a cloth and poured under the hot cooked meats.

Sauce for Boiled Viands

Make it thus: pepper, parsley, broth, vinegar, fig-dates, onions, little oil, poured under very hot.

Another Way: Crush pepper, dry rue, fennel seed, onion, fig-dates, with broth and oil.

White Bread Sauce for Boiled Viands

White sauce he says boiled dishes is made thus: pepper, broth, wine, rue, onions, nuts, a little spice, bread soaked to the saturation point, oil, which is cooked and spread under the meat.

Another White Sauce for Boiled Viands

Another white sauce for boiled dishes contains: pepper, carraway, lovage, thyme, origany, shallots, dates, honey, vinegar, broth and oil.

White Sauce for Dainty Food

Take cumin, lovage, rue seed, plums from Damascus Soak in wine, add honey mead and vinegar, thyme and origany to taste.

Another White Sauce for Appetizers

Is made thus: pepper, thyme, cumin, celery seed, fennel, rue, mint, myrtle berries, raisins, raisin wine, and mead to taste; stir it with a twig of satury.

Sauce for Tidbits

Pepper, lovage, carraway, mint, leaves of spikenard (which the Greeks call "nardosachiom") yolks, honey, mead, vinegar, broth and oil. Stir well with satury and leeks and tie with roux.

White Sauce for Tidbits

Is made thus: pepper, lovage, cumin, celery seed, thyme, nuts, which soak and clean, honey, vinegar, broth and oil to be added.

Sauce for Tidbits

Pepper, celery seed, carraway, satury, saffron, shallots, toasted almonds, figdates, broth, oil and a little mustard; color with reduced must.

Another Way: Chop hard eggs, pepper, cumin, parsley, cooked leeks, myrtle berries, somewhat more honey, vinegar, broth and oil.

Raw Dill Sauce for Boiled Fish

Pepper, dill seed, dry mint, laser root, pour under: vinegar, date wine, honey, broth, and a little mustard, reduced must and oil to taste; and serve it with roast pork shoulder.

Briny Sauce for Boiled Dish

Pepper, lovage, carraway, celery seed, thyme, shallots, dates, fish brine, strained honey, and wine to taste; sprinkle with chopped green celery and oil and serve.

Pig's Paunch

Clean the paunch of a suckling pig well with salt and vinegar and presently wash with water. Then fill it with the following dressing: pieces of pork pounded in the mortar, three brains — the nerves removed — mix with raw eggs, add nuts, whole pepper, and sauce to taste. Crush pepper, lovage, silphium, anise, ginger, a little rue; fill the paunch with it, not too much, though, leaving plenty of room for expansion lest it bursts while being cooked. Put it in a pot with boiling water, retire and prick with a needle so that it does not burst. When half done, take it out and hang it into the smoke to take on color; now boil it over again and finish it leisurely. Next take the broth, some pure wine and a little oil, open the paunch with a small knife. Sprinkle with the broth and lovage; place the pig near the fire to heat it, turn it around in bran or bread crumbs immerse in sprinkle with brine and finish the outer crust to a golden brown.

Roast Loins Made Thus

Split them into two parts so that they are spread out sprinkle the opening with crushed pepper and ditto nuts, finely chopped coriander and crushed fennel seed. The tenderloins are then rolled up to be roasted; tie together, wrap in caul, parboil in oil and broth, and then roast in the oven or broil on the gridiron.

Baked Picnic Ham Pork Shoulder, Fresh or Cured

The ham should be braised with a good number of figs and some three laurel leaves; the skin is then pulled off and cut into square pieces; these are macerated with honey. Thereupon make dough crumbs of flour and oil lay the dough over or around the ham, stud the top with the pieces of the skin so that they will be baked with the dough bake slowly and when done, retire from the oven and serve.

To Cook Pork Shoulder

Ham simply cooked in water with figs is usually dressed on a platter baking pan sprinkled with crumbs and reduced wine, or, still better, with spiced wine and is glazed under the open flame, or with a shovel containing red-hot embers.

Fresh Ham

A fresh ham is cooked with 2 pounds of barley and 25 figs. When done skin, glaze the surface with a fire shovel full of glowing coals, spread honey over it, or, what's better: put it in the oven covered with honey. When it has a nice color, put in a sauce pan raisin wine, pepper, a bunch of rue and pure wine to taste. When this sauce is done, pour half of it over the ham and in the other half soak specially made ginger bread The remnant of the sauce after most of it is thoroughly soaked into the bread, add to the ham.

Bacon, Salt Pork

Cover with water and cook with plenty of dill; sprinkle with a little oil and a trifle of salt.

Sheep Liver

Cook thus: make a mixture of water, mead, eggs and milk in which thoroughly soak the sliced liver. Stew the liver in wine sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Way to Cook Lung

Liver and lung are also cooked in this way: soak well in milk, strain it off if offensive in taste. Break 2 eggs and add a little salt, mix in a spoonful honey and fill the lung with it, boil and slice.

A Hash of Liver

Crush pepper, moisten with broth, raisin wine, pure oil, chop the lights fine and add wine sauce.

Home-made sweets

Little home confections (which are called dulciaria) are made thus: little palms or (as they are ordinarily called) dates are stuffed — after the seeds have been removed — with a nut or with nuts and ground pepper, sprinkled with salt on the outside and are candied in honey and served.

Another Sweetmeat

Grate scrape, peel some very best fresh aphros and immerse in milk. When saturated place in the oven to heat but not to dry out; when thoroughly hot retire from oven, pour over some honey, stipple the fruit so that the honey may penetrate, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Sweet Dish

Break slice fine white bread, crust removed, into rather large pieces which soak in milk and beaten eggs fry in oil, cover with honey and serve.

Another Way: In a chafing-dish put honey, pure wine, raisin wine, pine nuts, nuts, cooked spelt, add crushed and toasted hazelnuts and serve.

Another Way: Crush pepper, nuts, honey, rue, and raisin wine with milk, and cook the mixture with few eggs well worked in, cover with honey, sprinkle with crushed nuts, etc. and serve.

Another Way: Take a preparation similar to the above and in the hot water bath or double boiler make a very hard porridge of it. Thereupon spread it out on a pan and when cool cut it into handy pieces like small cookies. Fry these in the best oil, take them out, dip into hot honey, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Way: Is to prepare this with milk instead of water.


Estimate the amount of milk necessary for this dish and sweeten it with honey to taste; to a pint of fluid take 5 eggs; for half a pint dissolve 3 eggs in milk and beat well there is incorporate thoroughly, strain through a colander into an earthen dish and cook on a slow fire in hot water bath in oven. When congealed sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Omelette Soufflee

Four eggs in half a pint of milk and an ounce of oil well beaten, to make a fluffy mixture; in a pan put a little oil, and carefully add the egg preparation, without letting it boil however. Place it in the oven to let it rise and when one side is done, turn it out into a service platter fold it pour over honey, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Cheese and Honey

Prepare cottage cheese either with honey and broth brine or with salt, oil and chopped coriander.


Serve with oil, broth and vinegar, with a little cumin sprinkled over.

Another Way: Soak the bulbs and parboil them in water; thereupon fry them in oil. The dressing make thus: take thyme, flea-bane, pepper, origany, honey, vinegar, reduced wine, date wine, if you like2 broth and a little oil. Sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Way: Cook the bulbs into a thick puree and season with thyme, origany, honey, vinegar, reduced wine, date wine, broth and a little oil.

Varro says of Bulbs

Cooked in water they are conducive to love and are therefore also served at wedding feasts, but also seasoned with pignolia nut or with the juice of colewort, or mustard, and pepper.

Fried Bulbs

Are served with wine sauce.


Morels are cooked quickly in garum and pepper, taken out, allowed to drip; also broth with crush pepper may be used to cook the mushrooms in.

For Morels

Pepper, reduced wine, vinegar and oil.

Another Way of Cooking Morels

In salt water, with oil, pure wine, and serve with chopped coriander.


Fresh mushrooms are stewed in reduced wine with a bunch of green coriander, which remove before serving.

Another Style of Mushroom

Mushroom stems or buds, very small mushrooms are cooked in broth. Serve sprinkled with salt.

Another Way of Cooking Mushrooms

Slice the mushroom stems stew them as directed above and finish by covering them with eggs adding pepper, lovage, a little honey, broth and oil to taste.


Scrape [brush] the truffles, parboil, sprinkle with salt, put several of them on a skewer, half fry them; then place them in a sauce pan with oil, broth, reduced wine, wine, pepper, and honey. When done retire the truffles bind the liquor with roux, decorate the truffles nicely and serve.

Another Way: Parboil the truffles, sprinkle with salt and fasten them on skewers, half fry them and then place them in a sauce pan with broth, virgin oil, reduced wine, a little pure wine1 crushed pepper and a little honey; allow them to finish gently and well covered when done, bind the liquor with roux, prick the truffles so they may become saturated with the juice, dress them nicely, and when real hot, serve.

Another Way: If you wish you may also wrap the truffles in caul of pork, braise and so serve them.

Another Way: Stew the truffles in wine sauce, with pepper, lovage, coriander, rue, broth, honey, wine, and a little oil.

Another Way: Braise the truffles with pepper, mint, rue, honey, oil, and a little wine. Heat and serve.

Another Way: Pepper, cumin, silphium, mint, celery, rue, honey, vinegar, or wine, salt or broth, a little oil.

Another Way: Cook the truffles with leeks, salt, pepper, chopped coriander, the very best wine and a little oil.

Another Way:

Colocasium taro, dasheen

For the colocasium (which is really the colocasia plant, also called "Egyptian bean" use) pepper, cumin, rue, honey, or broth, and a little oil; when done bind with roux Colocasium is the root of the Egyptian bean which is used exclusively.

Milk-fed Snails

Take snails and sponge them; pull them out of the shells by the membrane and place them for a day in a vessel with milk and salt. Renew the milk daily. Hourly clean the snails of all refuse, and when they are so fat that they can no longer retire to their shells fry them in oil and serve them with wine sauce. In a similar way they may be fed on a milk porridge.

Another Way: The snails are fried with pure salt and oil and a sauce of laser, broth, pepper and oil is underlaid; or the fried snails are fully covered with broth, pepper and cumin.

Another Way for Snails

The live snails are sprinkled with milk mixed with the finest wheat flour, when fat and nice and plump they are cooked.

Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are finished in wine sauce.

Boiled Eggs

Are seasoned with broth, oil, pure wine, or are served with broth, pepper and laser.

With Poached Eggs

Serve pepper, lovage, soaked nuts, honey, vinegar and broth.

Book 8: The Quadruped


Wild Boar is Prepared thus

It is cleaned; sprinkled with salt and crushed cumin and thus left. The next day it is put into the oven; when done season with crushed pepper. A sauce for boar: honey broth, reduced wine, raisin wine.

Another Way to Prepare Boar

You boil the boar in sea water with sprigs of laurel; when done nice and soft, remove the skin, serve with salt, mustard, vinegar.

Another Way to Cook Sauce for Boar

Crush pepper, lovage, origany, seedless myrtle berries, coriander, onions; add honey, wine, broth and a little oil; heat and tie with roux. The boar, roasted in the oven, is masked with this sauce, which you may use for any kind of roast game.

Make a Hot Sauce for Roast Boar thus

Crush pepper, cumin, celery seed, mint, thyme, satury, saffron, toasted nuts, or toasted almonds, honey, wine, broth, vinegar and a little oil.

Another Hot Sauce for Boar

Pepper, lovage, celery seed, mint, thyme, toasted nuts, wine, vinegar, broth, and a little oil. When the simple broth is boiling incorporate the crushed things and stir with an aromatic bouquet of onions and rue. If you desire to make this a richer sauce, tie it with whites of egg, stirring the liquid egg in gently. Sprinkle with a little pepper and serve.

Sauce for Boiled Boar

Real sauce for boiled boar is composed in this manner. Pepper, lovage, cumin, silphium, origany, nuts, figdates, mustard, vinegar, broth and oil.

Cold Sauce for Boiled Boar

Pepper, cumin, lovage, crushed coriander seed, dill seed, celery seed, thyme, origany, little onion, honey, vinegar, mustard, broth and oil.

Another Cold Sauce for Boiled Boar

Pepper, lovage, cumin, dill seed, thyme, origany, little silphium, rather more mustard seed, add pure wine, some green herbs, a little onion, crushed nuts from the Pontus, or almonds, dates, honey, vinegar, some more pure wine, color with reduced must and add broth and oil.

Another Sauce for Boar

Crush pepper, lovage, origany, celery seed, laser root, cumin, fennel seed, rue, broth, wine, raisin wine; heat, when done tie with roux; cover the meat with this sauce so as to penetrate the meat and serve.

Shoulder of Boar is Stuffed in this Manner

Loosen the meat from the bones by means of a wooden stick in order to fill the cavity left by the bones with a dressing which is introduced through a funnel. The dressing season with crushed pepper, laurel berries and rue; if you like, add laser, the best kind of broth, reduced must and sprinkle with fresh oil. When the filling is done, tie the parts thus stuffed in linen, place them in the stock pot in which they are to be cooked and boil them in sea water, with a sprig of laurel and dill.

Sauce for Stag

Crush pepper, lovage, caraway, origany, celery seed, laser root, fennel seed, moisten with broth, wine, raisin wine and a little oil. When boiling bind with roux; the cooked meat immerse in this sauce braise to penetrate and to soften, and serve. For broad horn deer as well as for other venison follow similar methods and use the same condiments.

Another Way: Parboil and braise the venison. Crush pepper, lovage, caraway, celery seed, moisten with honey, vinegar, broth and oil; heat, bind with roux and pour over the roast.

Venison Sauce

Mix pepper, lovage, onion, origany, nuts, figdates, honey, broth, mustard, vinegar, oil.

Preparation of Venison

Pepper, cumin, condiments, parsley, onion, rue, honey, broth, mint raisin wine, reduced wine, and a little oil; bind with roux when boiling.

Hot Sauce for Venison

Pepper, lovage, parsley, cumin, toasted nuts or almonds, honey, vinegar, wine, a little oil; add broth and stir well.

Marinade for Roast Venison

Pepper, nard leaves, celery seed, dry onions, green rue, honey, vinegar, broth, add dates, raisins and oil.

Another Hot Sauce for Venison

Pepper, lovage, parsley, stewed Damascus prunes, wine, honey, vinegar, broth, a little oil; stir with a fagot of leeks and satury.

Sauce for Wild Goat

Pepper, lovage, caraway, cumin, parsley, rue seed, honey, mustard, vinegar, broth and oil.

Another Way: Pepper, herbs, rue, onion, honey, broth, raisin wine, a little oil, bind with roux.

Another Way: As above is made with parsley and marjoram.

Another Way: Pepper, spices, parsley, a little origany, rue, broth, honey, raisin wine, and a little oil; bind with roux.

Sauce for Mountain Sheep

That is, (roast the meat, prepare a sauce of pepper, lovage, cumin, dry mint, thyme, silphium, moisten with wine, add stewed Damascus prunes, honey, wine, broth, vinegar, raisin wine, — enough to color — and stir with a whip of origany and dry mint.

Sauce for all Kinds of Game, Boiled or Roast

8 scruples of pepper, rue, lovage, celery seed, juniper, thyme, dry mint, 6 scruples in weight each 3 scruples of flea-bane; reduce all this to the finest powder, put it together in a vessel with sufficient honey and use it with vinegar and garum.

Cold Sauce for Wild Sheep

Pepper, lovage, thyme, cumin, crushed toasted nuts, honey, vinegar, broth, and oil; sprinkle with pepper.

Veal Steak

For a sauce with fried beef or veal take pepper, lovage, celery seed, cumin, origany, dry onion, raisins, honey, vinegar, wine, broth, oil, and reduced must.

Veal or Beef with Leeks

or with quinces or with onions, or with dasheens use broth, pepper, laser and a little oil.

Fricassee of Veal

Crush pepper, lovage, caraway, celery seed, moisten with honey, vinegar, broth and oil; heat, bind with roux and cover the meat.

Another Veal Fricassée

Pepper, lovage, fennel seed, origany, nuts, fig-dates, honey, vinegar, broth, mustard and oil.

Dainty dishes of kid or of lamb

Cook with pepper and broth, also with various ordinary beans broth, pepper and laser, cumin, dumplings and a little oil.

Another Lamb Stew

Put pieces of kid or lamb in the stew pot with chopped onion and coriander. Crush pepper, lovage, cumin, and cook with broth oil and wine. Put in a dish and tie with roux.

Another Way: Add to the parboiled meat the raw herbs that have been crushed in the mortar and cook it. Goat meat is cooked likewise.

Broiled Kid or Lamb Steak

Kid after being cooked in broth and oil is sliced and marinated1 with crushed pepper, laser, broth and a little oil. It is then grilled on the broiler and served with gravy. Sprinkle with pepper and serve up.

Roast Kid or Lamb

Let us roast the kid or lamb, adding half an ounce of pepper, 6 scruples of foalbit a little ginger, 6 scruples of parsley, a little laser, a pint of best broth and a spoonful oil.

Stuffed Boned Kind or Lamb

Milk-fed kid or lamb is carefully boned through the throat so as to create a paunch or bag; the intestines are preserved whole in a manner that one can blow or inflate them at the head in order to expel the excrements at the other end; the body is washed carefully and is filled with a liquid dressing. Thereupon tie it carefully at the shoulders, put it into the roasting pan, baste well. When done, boil the gravy with milk and pepper, previously crushed, and broth, reduced wine, a little reduced must and also oil; and to the boiling gravy add roux. To play safe put the roast in a netting, bag or little basket and carefully tie together, add a little salt to the boiling gravy. After this has boiled well three times, take the meat out, boil the broth over again to reduce it incorporate with the above described liquor, adding the necessary seasoning.

Stuffed Kid or Lamb Another Way

Kid or lamb is thus prepared and seasoned: take 1 pint milk, 4 ounces honey, 1 ounce pepper, a little salt, a little laser, gravy of the lamb, 8 ounces crushed dates, a spoonful oil, a little broth, a spoonful honey a pint of good wine and a little roux.

Raw Kid or Lamb

Is rubbed with oil and pepper and sprinkled with plenty of clean salt and coriander seed, placed in the oven, served roast.

Kid or Lamb à la Tarpeius

Before cooking the lamb truss it properly and marinate it in pepper, rue, satury, onions, and a little thyme and broth. Place the roast in a pan with oil, baste well while in the oven, when cooked thoroughly, fill the pan with crushed satury, onions, rue, dates, broth, wine, reduced wine, and oil; when this gravy is well cooked strain put it up in a dish, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Kid or Lamb Parthian Style

Put the roast in the oven; crush pepper, rue, onion, satury, stoned Damascus plums, a little laser, wine, broth and oil. Hot wine is served on the side and taken with vinegar.

Creamed Kid Flavored with Laurel

The kid dress and prepare, bone, remove the intestines with the rennet and wash. Put in the mortar pepper, lovage, laser root, 2 laurel berries, a little chamomile and 2 or 3 brains, all of which crush. Moisten with broth and season with salt. Over this mixture strain 2 pints of milk, 2 little spoons of honey. With this forcemeat stuff the intestines and wrap them around the kid. Cover the roast with caul and parchment paper tightened with skewers, and place it in the roasting pan, adding broth, oil and wine. When half done, crush pepper, lovage, moisten with the roast's own gravy and a little reduced must; put this back into the pan and when the roast id done completely garnish it and bind the gravy with roux and serve.

Suckling Pig Stuffed Two Ways

Prepare, remove the entrails by the throat before the carcass hardens immediately after killing. Make an opening under the ear, fill an ox bladder with Tarentine sausage meat and attach a tube such as the bird keeper uses to the neck of the bladder and squeeze the dressing into the ear as much as it will take to fill the body. Then seal the opening with parchment, close securely with skewers and prepare the roast for the oven.

The other dressing is made thus

Crush pepper, lovage, origany, laser root, moisten with a little broth, add cooked brains, raw eggs, cooked spelt, gravy of the pig, small birds (if any) nuts, whole pepper, and season with broth. Stuff the pig, close the opening with parchment and skewers and put it in the oven. When done, dress and garnish very nicely, glaze the body and serve.

Another Suckling Pig

Salt, cumin, laser; add sausage meat. Dilute with broth remove the womb of the pig so that no part of it remains inside. Crush pepper, lovage, origany, moisten with broth, add wine, brains, mix in 2 eggs, fill the previously parboiled pig with this forcemeat, close tight, place in a basket and immerse in the boiling stock pot. When done remove the skewers but in a manner that the gravy remains inside. Sprinkle with pepper, serve.

Stuffed Boiled Suckling Pig

Remove the womb of the pig. Parboil. Crush pepper, lovage, origany, moisten with broth. Add cooked brains, as much as is needed likewise dissolve eggs, add broth to taste, make a sausage of this forcemeat fill the pig which has been parboiled and rinsed with broth. Tie the pig securely in a basket, immerse in the boiling stock pot. Remove when done, wipe clean carefully, serve without pepper.

Roast Suckling Pig with Honey

Empty the pig by the neck, clean and dry, crush one ounce pepper, honey and wine, place this in a sauce pan and heat; next break dry toast and mix with the things in the sauce pan; stir with a whip of fresh laurel twigs so that the paste is nice and smooth until sufficiently cooked. This dressing fill into the pig, wrap in parchment, place in the oven roast slowly, when done, glaze with honey garnish nicely and serve.

Milk-fed Pig, Cold, Apician Sauce

Serve boiled milk-fed pig either hot or cold with this sauce in a mortar put pepper, lovage, coriander seed, mint, rue, and crush it. Moisten with broth. Add honey, wine and broth. The boiled pig is wiped off hot with a clean towel, cooled off covered with the sauce and served.

Suckling Pig a la Vitellius

Suckling pig called Vitellian style is prepared thus: garnish the pig like wild boar sprinkle with salt, roast in oven. In the mortar put pepper, lovage, moisten with broth, wine and raisin wine to taste, put this in a sauce pan, adding very little oil, heat; the roasting pig baste with this in a manner so that the aroma will penetrate the skin.

Suckling Pig a la Flaccus

The pig is garnished like wild boar. Sprinkle with salt, place in the oven. While being done put in the mortar pepper, lovage, caraway, celery seed, laser root, green rue, and crush it, moisten with broth, wine and raisin wine to taste, put this in a sauce pan, adding a little oil, heat, bind with roux. The roast pig, free from bones, sprinkle with powdered celery seed and serve.

Suckling Pig, Laurel Flavor

The pig is boned and garnished with a little wine sauce parboil with green laurel in the center and place it in the oven to be roasted sufficiently. Meanwhile put in the mortar pepper, lovage, caraway, celery seed, laser root, and laurel berries, crush them, moisten with broth, wine and raisin wine to taste. Put this in a sauce pan and heat bind with roux; untie the pig remove the laurel leaves; incorporate the juice of the bones from which a gravy has been made in the meantime and serve.

Suckling Pig à la Fronto

Bone the pig, parboil, garnish; in a sauce pan. Add broth, wine, bind. When half done, add a bunch of leeks and dill, some reduced must. When cooked wipe the pig clean, let it drip off; sprinkle with pepper, serve.

Suckling Pig Stewed in Wine

Scald [parboil] the pig and marinate place in a sauce pan with oil, broth, wine and water, tie a bunch of leeks and coriander; cook (in the oven) when half done color with reduced must. In the mortar put pepper, lovage, caraway, origany, celery seed, laser root and crush them, moisten with broth, add the pig's own gravy and raisin wine to taste. Add this to the meat in the sauce pan and let it boil. When boiling bind with roux. The pig, placed on a platter, mask with the sauce sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Pig a la Celsinus

Prepare as above inject the following dressing made of pepper, rue, onions, satury, the pig's own gravy and eggs through the ear and of pepper, broth and a little wine make a sauce which is served in the sauce boat; and enjoy it.

Roast Pig

Crush pepper, rue, satury, onions, hard yolks of egg, broth, wine, oil, spices; boil these ingredients, pour over the roast pig in the sauce pan and serve.

Pig a la Jardiniere

The pig is boned through the throat and filled with quenelles of chicken forcemeat, finely cut roast thrushes, fig-peckers, little sausage cakes, made of the pig's meat, Lucanian sausage, stoned dates, edible bulbs [glazed onions] snails taken out of the shell and poached mallows, leeks, beets, celery, cooked sprouts, coriander, whole pepper, nuts, 15 eggs poured over, broth, which is spiced with pepper, and diluted with 3 eggs; thereupon sew it tight, stiffen, and roast in the oven. When done, open the back of the pig and pour over the following sauce: crushed pepper, rue, broth, raisin wine, honey and a little oil, which when boiling is tied with roux.

Cold Sauce for Boiled Suckling Pig

Crush pepper, caraway, dill, little origany, pine nuts, moisten with vinegar, broth, date wine, honey, prepared mustard; sprinkle with a little oil, pepper, and serve.

Smoked Pig a la Trajanus

Make thus: bone the pig, treat it as for stewing in wine, i.e. marinate for some time in spices, herbs and wine thereupon hang it in the smoke house next boil it in salt water and serve thus on a large platter.

Milk-fed Pig

One ounce of pepper, a pint of wine, a rather large glass of the best oil, a glass of broth, and rather less than a glass of vinegar.

Braised Hare

Is parboiled a little in water, thereupon place it on a roasting pan with oil, to be roasted in the oven. And when properly done, with a change of oil, immerse it in the following gravy: crush pepper, satury, onion, rue, celery seed; moisten with broth, laser, wine, and a little oil. While the roasting of the hare is being completed it is several times basted with the gravy.

The same, with a Different Dressing

The hare must be properly kept (i.e. aged for a few days after killing). Crush pepper, dates, laser, raisins, reduced wine, broth and oil; deposit the hare in this preparation to be cooked when done, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Stuffed Hare

Whole pine nuts, almonds, chopped nuts or beechnuts, whole pepper are mixed with the forcemeat of hare thickened with eggs and wrapped in pig's caul to be roasted in the oven. Another forcemeat is made with rue, plenty of pepper, onion, satury, dates, broth, reduced wine, or spiced wine. This is reduced to the proper consistency and is laid under; but the hare remains in the broth flavored with laser.

White Sauce for Hare

Pepper, lovage, cumin, celery seed, hard boiled yolks, properly pounded, made into a paste. In a sauce pan boil broth, wine, oil, a little vinegar and chopped onions. While boiling add the paste of spices, stirring with a fagot of origany or satury and when the work is done, bind it with roux.

Lights of Hare

A fine hash of hare's blood, liver and lungs. Put into a sauce pan broth and oil, and let it boil with finely chopped leeks and coriander; now add the livers and lungs, and, when done, crush pepper, cumin, coriander, laser root, mint, rue, flea-bane, moistened with vinegar.

Lights of Hare, Another Way

To the hare's liver add the blood and pound it with honey and some of the hare's own gravy; add vinegar to taste and put in a sauce pan, add the lungs chopped fine, make it boil: when done bind with roux, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Hare in its own Broth

Prepare the hare, bone it, garnish put it in a stew pot and when half done add a small bunch of leeks, coriander, dill; while this is being done, put in the mortar pepper, lovage, cumin, coriander seed, laser root, dry onion, mint, rue, celery seed; crush, moisten with broth, add honey, the hare's own gravy, reduced must and vinegar to tate; let it boil, tie with roux, dress, garnish the roast on a platter, underlay the sauce, sprinkle and serve.

Hare à la Passenianus

The hare is dressed, boned, the body spread out garnished with pickling herbs and spices and hung into the smoke stack When it has taken on color, cook it half done, wash it, sprinkle with salt and immerse it in wine sauce. In the mortar put pepper, lovage, and crush: moisten with broth, wine and a little oil, heat; when boiling, bind with roux. Now detach the saddle of the roast hare, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Kromeskis of Hare

The hare is cooked and flavored in the same above manner; small bits of meat are mixed with soaked nuts; this salpicon is wrapped in caul or parchment, the ends being closed by means of skewers and fried.

Stuffed Hare

Dress the hare as usual garnish [marinate] it, place in a square pan. In the mortar put pepper, lovage, origany, moisten with broth, add chicken livers sauté cooked brains, finely cut meat 3 raw eggs, broth to taste. Wrap it in caul or parchment, fasten with skewers. Half roast on a slow fire. Meanwhile put in the mortar pepper, lovage: crush and moisten with broth, wine, season, make it hot, when boiling bind with roux; the half-done hare immerse finish cooking in this broth sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Boiled Hare

Dress the hare; boil it. In a flat sauce pan pour oil, broth, vinegar, raisin wine, sliced onion, green rue and chopped thyme a sauce which is served on the side and so serve it.

Spiced Sauce for Hare

Crush pepper, rue, onions, the hare's liver, broth, reduced wine, raisin wine, a little oil; bind with roux when boiling.

Sprinkled Hare

Dress the hare as for kid à la Tarpeius. Before cooking decorate it nicely. Season with pepper, rue, satury, onion, little thyme, moisten with broth, roast in the oven; and all over sprinkle with half an ounce of pepper, rue, onions, satury, 4 dates, and raisins. The gravy is given plenty of color over the open fire, and is seasoned with wine, oil, broth, reduced wine, frequently stirring it basting the hare so that it may absorb all the flavor. After that serve it in a round dish with dry pepper.

Spiced Hare

The well-prepared hare cook in wine, broth, water, with a little mustard seed, dill and leeks with the roots. When all is done, season with pepper, satury, round onions, Damascus plums, wine, broth, reduced wine and a little oil; tie with roux, let boil a little longer baste so that the hare is penetrated by the flavor, and serve it on a platter masked with sauce.

Stuffed Dormouse

Is stuffed with a forcemeat of pork and small pieces of dormouse meat trimmings, all pounded with pepper, nuts, laser, broth. Put the dormouse thus stuffed in an earthen casserole, roast it in the oven, or boil it in the stock pot.

Book 9: The Sea


Sauce for Shellfish

Chopped scallions fried lightly, crush pepper, lovage, caraway, cumin, figdates, honey, vinegar, wine, broth, oil, reduced must; while boiling add mustard.

Broiled Lobster

Makes thus if broiled, they should appear in their shell; which is opened by splitting the live lobster in two season with pepper sauce and coriander sauce moisten with oil and broil them on the grill. When they are dry keep on basting them more and more with oil or butter until they are properly broiled.

Boiled Lobster with Cumin Sauce

Real boiled lobster is cooked with cumin sauce essence and, by right, throw in some whole pepper, lovage, parsley, dry mint, a little more whole cumin, honey, vinegar, broth, and, if you like, add some bay leaves and malobathron.

Another Lobster Dish — Mince of the Tail Meat

Have leaves ready in which to wrap the mince croquettes boil the lobster take the cluster of spawn from under the female's tail, and the coral of the male thereupon cut fine the boiled meat of the tail, and with broth and pepper and the eggs make the croquettes and fry.

Boiled Lobster

Pepper, cumin, rue, honey, vinegar, broth and oil.

Another Lobster Preparation

For lobster let us properly employ pepper, lovage, cumin, mint, rue, nuts, honey, vinegar, broth, and wine.

A Sauce for Ray

Crush pepper, rue, shallots, adding honey, broth, raisin wine, a little wine, also a few drops of oil; when it commences to boil, bind with roux.

Boiled Ray

Pepper, lovage, parsley, mint, origany, yolks of egg, honey, broth, raisin wine, wine, and oil. If you wish, add mustard and vinegar, or, if desired richer, add raisins.

Calamary in the Pan

Crush pepper, rue, a little honey, broth, reduced wine, and oil to taste. When commencing to boil, bind with roux.

Stuffed Calamary

Pepper, lovage, coriander, celery seed, yolks, honey, vinegar, broth, wine, oil, and bind.

Stuffed Sepia

Pepper, lovage, celery seed, caraway, honey, broth, wine, basic condiments Heat in water throw in the cuttlefish; when done split, then stuff the cuttlefish with the following forcemeat: boiled brains, the strings and skin removed, pound with pepper, mix in raw eggs until it is plenty. Whole pepper to be added. Tie the filled dish into little bundles of linen and immerse in the boiling stock pot until the forcemeat is properly cooked.

Boiled Cuttlefish

Are placed in a copper kettle with cold water and pepper, laser, broth, nuts, eggs, and any other seasoning you may wish.

Another Way to Cook Cuttlefish

Pepper, lovage, cumin, green coriander, dry mint, yolks, honey, broth, wine, vinegar, and a little oil. When boiling bind with roux.


Cook with pepper, lovage, broth, laser, ginger and serve.


To oysters which want to be well seasoned add pepper, lovage, yolks, vinegar, broth, oil, and wine; if you wish also add honey.

All Kinds of Bivalves

For all kinds of shellfish use pepper, lovage, parsley, dry mint, a little more of cumin, honey, and broth; if you wish, add bay leaves and malobathron.

Sea Urchin

To prepare sea urchin take a new earthen pot, a little oil, broth, sweet wine, ground pepper, and set it to heat; when boiling put the urchins in singly. Shake them well, let them stew, and when done sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Another Way: Pepper, a little costmary, dry mint, mead, broth, Indian spikenard, and bay or nard leaves.

Plain Boiled

Put the sea urchins singly in boiling water, cook, retire, and place on a platter.

In Chafing Dish

To the meat of sea urchins, cooked as above, add a sauce made of bay leaves, pepper, honey, broth, a little oil, bind with eggs in the hot water bath Sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Salt Sea Urchin

The cooked meat of salt sea urchin is served up with the best fish broth, reduced wine and pepper to taste.

Another Way: Take salt sea urchins, add the best broth and treat them in a manner as to look like fresh that have just come out of the water.


Best broth, finely cut leeks, cumin, raisin wine, must and add water to make a mixture in which to cook the mussels.

Stuffed Sardine

Properly, ought to be treated in this manner: the sardine is boned and filled with crushed flea-bane, several grains of pepper, mint, nuts, diluted with honey, tied or sewed, wrapped in parchment and placed in a flat dish above the steam rising from the stove; season with oil, reduced must and origany.

Another Preparation of Sardines

Cook and bone the sardines; fill with crushed pepper, lovage, thyme, origany, rue, moistened with date wine, honey; place on a dish, garnish with cut hard eggs. Pour over a little wine, vinegar, reduced must, and virgin oil.

Sauce for Sardines

Pepper, origany, mint, onions, a little vinegar, and oil.

Another Sauce for Sardines

Pepper, lovage, dry mint, cooked, onion chopped, honey, vinegar, dilute with oil, sprinkle with chopped hard eggs.

Sauce for Broiled Baby Tunny

Pepper, lovage, celery seed, mint, rue, figdate or its wine honey, vinegar, wine. Also suitable for sardines.

Sauce for Salt Sea-Mullet

Pepper, lovage, cumin, onion, mint, rue, sage, date wine, honey, vinegar, mustard and oil.

Another Sauce for Salt Sea-Mullet

Pepper, origany, rocket, mint, rue, sage, date wine, honey, oil, vinegar and mustard.

Sauce for Catfish, Baby Tunny and Tunny

To make them more tasty use pepper, lovage, cumin, onions, mint, rue, sage date wine, honey, vinegar, mustard and oil.

Sauce for Salt Red Mullet

To make them more tasty use pepper, lovage, cumin, onions, mint, rue, sage date wine, honey, vinegar, mustard and oil.

Fish Liver Pudding

Another Way: Cumin, pepper, broth, which crush, adding a little raisin wine, or reduced wine, and a quantity of crushed nuts. Mix everything well, incorporate with the salt fish; mix in a little oil and serve.

Another Way: Take as much cumin as your five fingers will hold; crush half of that quantity of pepper and one piece of peeled garlic, moisten with broth and mix in a little oil. This will correct and benefit a sour stomach and promote digestion.

Baian Seafood Stews

Minced poached oysters, mussels or scallops and sea nettles put in a sauce pan with toasted nuts, rue, celery, pepper, coriander, cumin, raisin wine, broth, reduced wine and oil.

Book 10: The Fisherman


A Sauce Fines Herbes for Fried Fish

Use any kind of fish. Prepare clean, salt, turn in flour, salt and fry it. Crush pepper, cumin, coriander seed, laser root, origany, and rue, all crushed fine, moistened with vinegar, date wine, honey, reduced must, oil, and broth. Pour in a sauce pan, place on fire, when simmering pour over the fried fish, sprinkle with pepper and serve.

Sauce for Boiled Fish

Pepper, lovage, cumin, small onions, origany, nuts, figdates, honey, vinegar, broth, mustard, a little oil; heat this sauce, and if you wish it to be richer, add raisins.

Another Way: Crush pepper, lovage, green coriander, satury, onion, hard boiled yolks, raisin wine, vinegar, oil and broth.

Another Way: Prepare the fish carefully; in the mortar put salt, coriander seed, crush and mix well; turn the fish therein, put it in a pan, cover it and seal it with plaster cook it in the oven. When done retire the fish from the pan sprinkle with strong vinegar and serve.

Another Way: When the fish is prepared, put the same in a flat pan with coriander seed, water and green dill; when cooked sprinkle with vinegar and serve.

Alexandrine Sauce for Broiled Fish

Pepper, dry onions [shallots] lovage, cumin, origany, celery seed, stoned Damascus prunes pounded in the mortar filled up with vinegar, broth, reduced must, and oil, and cook it.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, green coriander, seedless raisins, wine, raisin wine, broth, oil, cooked got.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, green coriander, onions, stoned Damascus prunes, raisin wine, broth, oil and vinegar, and cook.

Sauce for Broiled Conger

Pepper, lovage, crushed cumin, origany, dry onions, hard yolks, wine, mead, vinegar, broth, reduced must, and cook.

Sauce for Horned Fish

Pepper, lovage, origany, onions, seedless raisins, wine, honey, vinegar, broth, oil; and cook it.

Sauce for Broiled Mullet

Pepper, lovage, rue, honey, nuts, vinegar, wine, broth, a little oil; heat and pour over.

Another Way: Rue, mint, coriander, fennel, — all of them green — pepper, lovage, honey, broth, and a little oil.

Seasoning for Baby Tunny

Pepper, lovage, origany, green coriander, onion, seedless raisins, raisin wine, vinegar, broth, reduced must, oil, and cook.

Sauce for Perch

Pepper, lovage, crushed cumin, onions, stoned Damascus prunes, wine, mead, vinegar, oil, reduced must; cook it.

Seasoning for Redsnapper

Pepper, lovage, caraway, wild thyme, celery seed, dry onions, wine, raisin wine, vinegar, broth and oil; bind with roux.

Sauce for Broiled Murena

Pepper, lovage, satury, saffron, onions, stoned Damascus prunes, wine, mead, vinegar, reduced must and oil; cook it.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, stoned Damascus prunes, wine, mead, vinegar, broth, reduced must, oil; cook it.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, catmint, coriander seed, onions, pine nuts, honey, vinegar, broth, oil; cook it.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, dill, celery seed, coriander, dry mint, pine nuts, rue, honey, vinegar, wine broth, a little oil, heat and bind with roux.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, caraway, celery seed, coriander, figdates, mustard, honey, vinegar, broth, oil, reduced wine.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, vinegar, celery seed, Syrian sumach figdate wine, honey, vinegar, broth, oil, mustard, and reduced must. Serve.

Sauce for Boiled Fish

Pepper, lovage, parsley, origany, dry onions, honey, vinegar, broth, wine, a little oil, when boiling, tie with roux and serve in a small sauce boat.

Sauce for Boiled Lacertus Fish

Pepper, lovage, cumin, green rue, onions, honey, vinegar, broth, a little oil; when boiling tie with roux.

Sauce for Broiled Fish

A sauce for this broiled fish make thus:1 pepper, lovage, thyme, green coriander, honey, vinegar, broth, wine, oil, reduced must; heat and stir well with a whip of rue branches, and tie with roux.

Sauce for Tunny

Tunny, by means of this sauce will be more palatable: pepper, cumin, thyme, coriander, onions, raisins, vinegar, honey, wine, and oil; heat, tie with roux, and serve for dinner.

Sauce for Boiled Tunny

Pepper, lovage, thyme, crushed herbs, onions, fig dates or fig wine, honey vinegar, broth, oil, mustard and tie.

Sauce for Broiled Tooth Fish

Sauce for broiled tooth fish is made thus: pepper, lovage, coriander, mint, dry rue, cooked quinces, honey, wine, broth, oil; heat and tie with roux.

Boiled Toothfish

Pepper, dill, cumin, thyme, mint, green rue, honey, vinegar, broth, wine, a little oil, heat and tie with roux.

Sauce for Dory

A seasoning for dory is made thus: pepper, lovage, caraway, origany, rue berries, mint, myrtle berries, yolks of egg, honey, vinegar, oil, wine, broth; heat and use it so.

Sauce for Broiled Dory

A sauce which will make broiled dory more tasty consists of1 pepper, coriander, dry mint, celery seed, onions, raisins, honey, vinegar, wine, broth and oil.

Sauce for Sea Scorpion

Pepper, caraway, parsley, figdate wine, honey, vinegar, broth, mustard, oil and reduced wine.

Wine Sauce for Fish

Crush pepper, rue, and honey; mix in raisin wine, broth, reduced wine; heat on a very slow fire.

Another Way: The above, when boiling, may be tied with roux.

Sauce for Eel

Eel will be made more palatable by a sauce which has pepper, celery seed, lovage, anise, Syrian sumach, figdate wine, honey, vinegar, broth, oil, mustard, reduced must.

Another Way: Pepper, lovage, Syrian sumach, dry mint, rue berries, hard yolks, mead, vinegar, broth, oil; cook it.