1. Help your friends out at Know the Romans

You're directly helping us improve the website! This is super important for a number of reasons:

  1. There are some really awesome applications/tools on the internet which we could implement to make Know the Romans even better. However, these are quite expensive, some costing over $100 a month. By buying a book(s), you'll be directly supporting us in our efforts to bring you the best Roman related content on the internet!
  2. There are various costs in running a website (domain name, web hosting, etc.) and while these are quite small in the grander scheme of things youre still helping us out a load by buying a book!

2. Let's talk about you

You get an epic new book on the Romans! This is one of our favorite reasons because the primary objective of Know the Romans is to get as many people interested and reading about ancient Rome as possible. Also, who can resist that new book smell?

Heard enough already?

3. Democracy

By analyzing what books people are buying, we can get a good understanding of what subjects interest our visitors. This way we can bring you the content which is most useful and relevant to you. For example, if more people are buying books on the Roman military we can focus more on related topics. So if you think of it like that, each book you buy is like a vote on what we should do! You wouldn't want to miss out on your vote now, would you?

4. Better and more content

As we're starting to sell more and more books (thanks to people like you!) we're looking to expand the bookshop. That means we get to buy, read and review more books on ancient Rome. This is a double win, because:

  1. We improve existing content on the site, and we can write new awesome articles with our newfound knowledge.
  2. We write more epic book reviews you can use when deciding whether or not a book is right for you.

5. For the Roman community!

Helping to maintain and grow the worldwide Roman community! If more people buy books on the subject of ancient Rome, it shows that there is demand for Roman related content. Consequently, more time and money will be invested into producing more books, documentaries, academic articles, etc.

6. C'mon...

This sixth reason is less of a reason and more of a rhetorical question. Why would you read the previous five points if you weren't close to making the correct decision? Huh, still not convinced? Okay, how about some impartial advice from your friends here at Know the Romans? Do it.