Ancient Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire

Simon Baker

From the origins through to the decline; this is an invaluable intro into the Roman world.

How to be a Roman

Paul Chrystal

Got a time machine? Heading back to ancient Rome? Read this to prevent yourself sticking out like a sore thumb.

The Romans in 100 Facts

Jem Duducu

One-hundred points of Roman history, each chapter is two pages, making it perfect for toilet reading. Super enjoyable.

Women at War in the Classical World

Paul Chrystal

Taking a look at some of the Greco-Roman world's women in history, mythology and theatre. Pretty awesome indeed.

Chronicle of the Roman Republic

Simon Baker

A very well-formatted and comprehensive narrative to the pre-Empire history (753 BCE to 27 BCE).

Women in Ancient Rome

Paul Chrystal

Perfect for not only learning about women in antiquity but also ancient Rome as a whole.

Roman Military Disasters

Paul Chrystal

We've all read about the great Roman victories, how about some of the mishaps?

In Bed with the Romans

Paul Chrystal

Discover the truth about life in the Roman bedroom.

Julius Caesar: A Life

Patricia Southern