Roman clothing and fashion was of great importance to the higher classes of society. Materials and fabrics were imported from all over the Empire in order to make the finest Roman clothing; linen from Egypt, cotton fabrics from India, and silk from China. The dye used to colour these materials was expensive, so only the rich could afford the finest cloths.

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A man would typically be expected to wear a tunic and toga; they would wear sandals on their feet, which would be fastened with leather straps. Women wore robes called stola's, this robe would reach the woman's feet, and was a symbol of marriage. Interestingly, women who had committed crimes of adultery were not allowed to wear stola's.

Roman hairstyles were constantly changing and as a result men would often wear wigs of many different sizes and colour. Women would wear elaborate hairstyles, which would be several layers thick. It was common for women to also wear wigs.

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