Roman food would have varied mainly on which class you belonged to, the upper classes would have enjoyed meals of variety and expensive delicacies from around the Empire. Roman food and eating habits were somewhat similar to today, their days would consist of three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast mainly consisted of bread and pottage, which was a thick stew made using wheat, corn and sometimes small portions of meat. Lunch would have involved a fatty meat, cheese, vegetables and bread.

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Roman food in the lower classes would consist of similar ingredients, they would just be made into different things. For example; olive oil would have been widely used for cooking; fish would have been a staple of their daily diet and vegetables would have been in almost every meal because they were cheap and provided plenty of energy. If a household could afford an animal then they might have had cheese, milk and eggs. As the Empire expanded it brought new foods to Rome, these included exotic herbs and spices, which would have been used to flavour and preserve Roman food.

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